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20 October 2021, 16:00 GMT+0000
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20 October 2021, 16:00 GMT+0000

Making a cryptocurrency investment can be an intimidating and daunting experience. Rocket Wallet Signals, a crypto trading signal channel based on Telegram, helps its community to make informed, responsible trading decisions. 

Within the crypto industry, there are some who seek quick financial gain. Unfortunately, these people can be taken advantage of by malicious scammers. Rocket Wallet Signals are dedicated to ensuring their community practices the art of patience — and steers clear of any “pump and dump” schemes. 

Within this community, members are privy to expert signals from the founder, Adam, who has years of trading experience under his belt and his team. 

“Trading is in no way a quick solution to money woes. Rather, it takes patience, practice, and dedication,” says Adam. 

Pump and Dumps are out, patience and responsibility are in

Within the Rocket Wallet Signals community, it is evident as a newbie or an experienced trader that there is no room for mindlessness. Rocket Wallet Signals is dedicated to the betterment of each community member’s financial gain. 

This is why you will never find any pump and dump signals there. “We’re not gamblers. We never take stupid risks. We don’t make pumps and dumps. We’re not selling get-rich-fast dreams,” says Adam. Instead, every signal has a carefully balanced risk to reward ratio.

The channel is designed to help people earn a better income from the world of cryptocurrency, in a responsible and real way. The key to success with Rocket Wallet Signals is patience. 

How Rocket Wallet Signals works

A crypto signal is essentially a trading idea that an expert trader shares — where the “signal” refers to conducting a particular action, such as buying or selling at a point in time or at a certain price. 

Rocket Wallet Signals is on Telegram and there is one public channel with 37,481 members, as well as a bot for subscribing, consulting FAQs, and other general information about the channel. 

Then there are four paid VIP channels. Signals are only sent to the VIP channels, which consist of VIP signals, VIP updates, VIP insights, and VIP chats.

Trades and market updates are the main focus of these channels. Here, live signals are also communicated in order for members to take action. Enthusiasts and experienced traders alike would benefit greatly by being in the VIP groups as the signals here are up-to-date and sent in real-time. 

The public channel is also incredibly insightful as it allows members to access learning materials and insights for free. This is a great jumping-off point for those who aren’t 100% comfortable with trading yet. 

The messages sent to the public channel are forwarded from the VIP group after hitting targets. This means the signals are outdated. What’s more, is Rocket Wallet Signals’ public chat is fully transparent in that it shares the reports on all profits and losses that an individual can make. 

The Rocket Wallet Signals Bot is yet another goldmine of information as it shares the latest profit reports, which are accessible to VIP and public members. 

Standing out among the scammers 

Rocket Wallet Signals is unequivocally dedicated to bringing transparency and trust into trading. 

Founder of Rocket Wallet Signals, Adam, spoke about how tough it can be when scammers post fake results. 

“The biggest challenge was to make Rocket Wallet Signals visible amongst scam groups, it’s always hard to market something legit, with realistic profits, while scammers are promoting big fake results,” said Adam.

Fake Rocket Wallet Signal channels are replacing the l (L) with I (i) in “Rocket WalIet” for example, which makes it incredibly hard to verify if the account is legit. An important note is that the team will never ask you directly for payment, the official payment address is listed on their bot account @RocketWalletBot.  

If you want to join the Rocket Wallet Signals community, always double-check the information with the list below to avoid falling for scams

Official Rocket Wallet Signals accounts:

  • VIP Channel: “VIP Rocket Wallet Signals”
  • VIP Updates: “Rocket Wallet VIP Updates”
  • VIP Tips: “Rocket Wallet VIP Tips/Insights”
  • VIP Chat: “Rocket Wallet VIP CHAT” 
  • Free Channel: Here @RocketWallet_Official
  • Team: @Adam_RocketWallet, @Aq_Rocket, @thisaster62, @flipcrypto37
  • RWS Bot for Subscription: @RocketWalletBot

Community first 

Rocket Wallet Signals are committed to the well-being of all of its community members. In the year since its inception, the platform has garnered a near 40,000-strong following where transparent and honest communication is non-negotiable. 

Rocket Wallet Signals shares all information pertaining to the profit and loss of a month so that members are in the loop with the channel’s performance. 

Respect is a very important characteristic of the channels, and Adam explained that members who break the rules within the VIP chat channel will be banned. 

“We have a strict policy on the VIP chat to keep it professional and avoid spams or scam projects shilling,” explained Adam. 

He continued by saying that while they will be banned from the VIP chat channel, they will be kept in the other channels so as to still receive signals and insights.

Members in the VIP channels associated with known scammers and leakers will be banned from all VIP channels.

Rocket Wallet Signals advocate for trust 

In a sea of scammers, Rocket Wallet Signals is the guiding light for those navigating the choppy waters. 

The signals sent to these channels are not about getting rich quickly but rather encouraging traders to practice the art of patience. 

Rocket Wallet Signals has cultivated a reputation built on transparency and honest communication with its community members. 

It’s rare to find a platform where all profits and losses are disclosed but this is the reality of any investment situation — it’s never going to be rainbows and sunshine all of the time. 

Rocket Wallet Signals is committed to the well-being and financial gains of its community members and is dedicated to ensuring the best outcome for all. 

To keep in the loop with Rocket Wallet Signals, check out the free Telegram Channel here: Rocket Wallet Signals 

For inquiries into joining the VIP channels, visit the Rocket Wallet Bot


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