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RippleX Announces Inaugural Phase of XRPL Grant Winners

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In Brief

  • The first round of winners has been announced for Ripple’s ‘XRPL Grants program’.
  • 25 awardees were selected from over 100 applications.
  • In total, almost USD $2 million has been awarded amongst all awardees combined.
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The development team behind RippleX has announced the awardees of the inaugural round of the XRPL grants program. TUSD $2million will be awarded to 25 winners, out of 100 applicants.

The XRPL Grants program was set up to provide “developer grants” for projects developed which integrate or are built upon the XRP Ledger (XRPL). It was set up by RippleX and XRPL Labs, with the former acting as the presenter of the award and the latter being the program’s technical advisor.

In total, 25 grantees were chosen out of “more than 100” proposals, amongst them receiving almost USD $2 million in total value. These grantees come from over 10 different countries worldwide, and three of these applicants came from members of Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative.

According to the announcement, the 25 awardees “tackle a wide range of problems and opportunities, including:”

  • The development of NFTs for multiple industries (retail, art, music, sports, digital advertising and carbon capture).
  • Learning tools and platforms to build on and interact with the XRPL.
  • Data visualization tools.
  • Payment and security solutions.

More about XRPL Grants program

Its official website, cites that the program was established with the following purview in mind:

  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Core infrastructure
  • Developer tooling
  • Developer UX
  • Security

And mentions the following hypothetical use cases:

  • An XRPL-based NFT Marketplace
  • An XRPL-based NFT Issuance platform (minting)
  • Wallet support for XRPL-based NFTs
  • Tools and services for XRPL-based NFTs

To have been selected as an awardee in this grant program, applicants had to be selected after going through a five-step application procedure. The final step includes a 3-4 month waiting period before final interviews are conducted.
You can learn more about individual awardees from this first round here.

RippleX and XRPL Labs

XRPL Labs is an XRP Ledger (XRPL) development team directly supported by Ripple / RippleX. Its ongoing projects include xumm (which is out now on App Store and Google Play store), and Cold Storage OS (currently at ‘internal beta’ release stage of development, description on the website as listed above). Ripple notably invested in XRPL Labs in February 2019 through it’s Xpring division, which has since had its name changed to RippleX.

RippleX is the name for the ‘global payment platform’ created by Ripple and built on the XRP Ledger which “enables developers and users to send and receive payments across any currency and network.”

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