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PEPE Memecoin: Decoding Key On-Chain Metrics and Trends

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By Konstantin Kaiser
Translated Ryan Boltman
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In Brief

  • Over 54% of PEPE addresses are currently profitable, with 38% incurring losses and 8.5% at break-even.
  • PEPE network activity has notably declined over the past week, with a 30% decrease in creating new addresses.
  • Nearly 42% of PEPE supply is held by whale addresses, significantly influencing the Pepe Coin ecosystem.
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IntoTheBlock’s on-chain data reveals that more than half of the PEPE addresses are currently profitable, indicating that they are ‘in the black.’

As for the profitability of Pepe Coin holders, the fact that over half of the addresses are in black suggests that a significant portion of them are likely experiencing profitability. However, this doesn’t necessarily reflect the entire picture, as market conditions and individual entry points vary.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the current status of Pepe Coin holders, it would be useful to consider additional factors like the duration of coin holding, recent market trends, and overall sentiment in the cryptocurrency market, particularly for meme coins like Pepe Coin.

Over 50% of Pepe Addresses Currently Profitable

According to current data, approximately 54% of PEPE addresses are profitable, indicating that these holders would realize gains if they sold their tokens at the present market price. Conversely, about 38% of PEPE addresses are in a loss-making position, meaning these holders would incur losses if they decided to sell their tokens now.

PEPE Holders Distribution.
PEPE Holders Distribution. Source: IntoTheBlock

Additionally, nearly 8.5% of PEPE holders are at the break-even point, where selling their tokens at the current market price would result in neither a profit nor a loss.

This distribution reflects a varied investment outcome among Pepe Coin holders, with a slight majority currently experiencing profitability.

Significant Drop in PEPE Network Activity Noted Over Past Week

Over the past week, there has been a significant decline in network activity for PEPE. This downturn is evidenced by a 30% decrease in creating new addresses and a 26% reduction in the number of active addresses.

Daily active PEPE addresses
Daily Active PEPE Addresses. Source: IntoTheBlock

Additionally, there has been an approximate 19% fall in the number of addresses that no longer hold a PEPE balance. Collectively, these statistics indicate a notable decrease in engagement and transaction activity within the Pepe Coin network.

Pepe Network Exhibits Modest Growth Trend

The growth of the PEPE network has been progressing at a slow pace, as indicated by the very flat gradient of its growth curve. Despite this gradual growth, over the last 30 days, the network has seen an addition of approximately 147,000 addresses holding a PEPE balance.

Total number of PEPE addresses
Total number of PEPE Addresses With Credit. Source: IntoTheBlock

This figure suggests a steady, albeit slow, increase in the number of users or investors engaging with Pepe Coin.

PEPE on Telegram: Overwhelmingly Positive News Prevails

The Telegram community’s sentiment towards PEPE appears overwhelmingly positive based on recent communications. In the past seven days, there have been 679 messages that were positive in nature. This is compared to only four negative messages.

Telegram mood for PEPE
Telegram Sentiment for PEPE. Source: IntoTheBlock

This significant disparity highlights a strong positive bias or favorable outlook for PEPE among the members of its Telegram community.

Whale Dominance: Nearly 42% of PEPE Supply Held by Large Holders

PEPE exhibits a concentrated ownership structure, with a significant portion of the tokens held by whales and major investors. Ten whale addresses, each possessing more than 1% of the total token supply, collectively control approximately 42% of it. Notably, six of these whale addresses are characterized by very high activity levels.

In addition to these whales, there are 74 major investor addresses. Each address holds between 0.1% and 1% of the total token supply, cumulatively accounting for around 26% of it.

Distribution of PEPE Supply
Distribution of PEPE Supply by Investor Type. Source: IntoTheBlock

As a result of this concentration among whales and major investors, the remaining share available to retail investors is less than one-third of the total supply. This amounts to about 32.4%. This distribution highlights the significant influence of large holders in the Pepe Coin ecosystem.

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