Satellite-Based NFT Ecosystem Launches on SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket

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In Brief
  • WISeKey is launching the first part of an NFT ecosystem aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in June 2021.

  • A WISeKey component will be included on a satellite being launched, demonstrating its potential.

  • WISeSat plans on launching the prototypes of its own WISeSat constellation in December 2021.

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IoT firm WISeKey is launching the first part of a non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in June 2021.



To be more precise, the Satellite PocketPod deployer developed by FOSSA Systems will launch aboard the rocket. A WISeKey device will be attached to the exterior of the deployer, and be exposed to space for several weeks. This period in Earth’s low orbit will therefore be a first demonstration of WISeKey’s space-based WISeSat ecosystem.

WISeKey plans to launch the first prototype satellites of its global WISeSat constellation in December 2021. Through this constellation, WISeKey will enable the direct connection of satellites to IoT devices for NFT authentication.



WISeKey’s intentions

The NFT ecosystem will utilize WISeKey’s INeS platform. Moreover, the platform uses cryptographic algorithms for issuing, managing, and validating digital credentials for IoT devices. It is also scalable to support environments for hundreds of millions of devices. 

WISeKey intends to offer this technology to its IoT clients in a SaaS model. According to the announcement, “this would allow both remote and redundant urban IoT communications for companies seeking to securely connect their assets.”

By connecting devices and applications via the cloud, INeS is capable of remotely identifying credentials and controlling activation, deactivation, revocation, renewal, and secure provisioning. The solution can also be used in multiple industrial applications.

These include predictive maintenance on equipment and machinery, creating smart homes with connected appliances, or providing critical communication between devices including autonomous vehicles, and smart homes. 

WISeKey’s collaboration with FOSSA

WISeKey invested in a collaboration FOSSA Systems earlier this year. They integrated FOSSA’s satellite technology into their IoT platform. The eventual development of the WISeSaT PocketQube Satellite will enable a connection to all its IoT sectors.

The WISeSat Satellite will be an IoT-security hardened FOSSASAT-2E satellite, which is designed to drive down satellite production costs. Additionally, FOSSA is launching this newly designed deployer to facilitate access to space for future FOSSASAT-2E constellations into low orbit.


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