MurAll Airdrops PAINT Token to NFT Community Members

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In Brief
  • MurAll has airdropped tokens to active NFT participants.

  • The art platform gifted over 1 million PAINT tokens to supporters.

  • MurAll becomes the latest in a long list of projects airdropping tokens.

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Another airdrop quietly occurred with NFT art project MurAll gifting its native token PAINT to NFT community participants.

Crypto community members gain free profit from projects looking to build momentum in 2021. Airdrops have become one popular method of achieving this. The latest airdrop of the year comes from MurAll and community members are thrilled.

MurAll announced an airdrop to community members who have actively participated in the non-fungible token (NFT) space. Their airdrop went under the radar and was not actively publicized much. MurAll announced the airdrop in January, but with little fanfare. 

NFT Participants Benefit

The airdrop applies to any user who made use of, SuperRare, Async Art, or Rarible before Dec. 18, 2020. Users who interacted with those NFT projects received an allocation based on their participation of either buying or selling of NFTs. 

MurAll is not as well known as other NFT projects, which is likely the reason the airdrop went under the radar. However, the project describes itself on its website, as “an on-chain digital collaborative mural/canvas/wall that anyone anywhere in the world can draw on, without restrictions on what you can draw. A neutral place that doesn’t filter, censor or stop any drawing. A place for true freedom of speech through art.”

PAINT Tokenomics

The native PAINT token operates on the ERC-20 blockchain. Artists drawing on the platform pay for the ability to create with the token. The used PAINT is then burned. The drawings are also turned into MurAll NFTs. The platform allows users to draw and create their own NFTs and hold, sell or trade them as they wish. 

The PAINT token is finite, and it continuously burns tokens as users draw on the platform and create NFTs. Currently, the maximum supply of PAINT tokens is 22 billion, and only 8 billion are circulating. 

The airdrop on Sunday reached up to $3,300 for NFT providers who received an allocation of roughly 1.043 million tokens. 

MurAll have further outlined and explained who is eligible for the airdrop:

Despite the advance notice, NFT participants found themselves pleasantly surprised. The project offers some interesting benefits which could see the token price surge in the long term as the supply decreases. 

MurAll placed itself on a long list of projects airdropping to their respective communities over the previous months. Following the successful airdrop of tokens for decentralized exchanges (DEX) UniSwap, 1Inch followed suit with a Christmas airdrop for participants. 

Airdrops Over Token Sales

Cryptocurrency traders actively look out for any project that does not have a native token that could be looking at launching a token through an airdrop. 

Projects gain from offering free tokens to a supportive community, since it helps the community remain strong, focused and engaged. At the same time, projects nervously watching the Ripple saga use them as an alternative to sales.


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