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Microsoft Teams Up with ‘Be My Eyes’ to Leverage AI for Helping Blind Users

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In Brief

  • Microsoft partners with Be My Eyes to use artificial intelligence in enhancing service for blind users, aiming to reduce human assistance.
  • The Be My Eyes digital visual assistant AI tool has cut call times from 12 to four minutes on average, with only 10% of calls needing human intervention.
  • Snapchat's My AI feature that also uses OpenAI's technology has faced regulatory scrutiny in the UK for failing to assess user risks.
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Microsoft is partnering with “Be My Eyes,” a company focused on helping blind users deal with everyday challenges. Through this partnership, Microsoft plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) and offer a better service experience for its blind users.

AI products have fascinated tech enthusiasts and even layman users with the advent of chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard. However, this technology also has the potential to make lives better for people with disabilities.

How Be My AI Tool and Microsoft Can Help Blind Users

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft has integrated AI in customer service for blind users through the Be My Eyes partnership. The Denmark-based company Be My Eyes has developed the tool, Be My AI, a digital visual assistant, using OpenAI’s GPT-4 model.

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The Bloomberg article says:

“The collaboration will let users of Microsoft products who are blind or visually impaired resolve hardware issues or navigate such tasks as installing a new version of Windows software or describing a PowerPoint presentation — all without human assistance.”

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, mentioned Be My Eyes’ use of GPT during OpenAI’s first developers’ conference. Moreover, Brad Lightcap, the COO of OpenAI, said:

“OpenAI is proud to work with Be My Eyes. They’ve used our AI models to significantly enhance the daily lives of people with low vision or blindness.”

According to Be My Eyes’ test data, its AI tool has resulted in blind users spending four minutes on a call, on average, compared to the previous average of 12 minutes with human assistance. And only 10% of the Be My AI calls were escalated to human customer service representatives.

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However, Snapchat’s My AI, which also uses OpenAI’s technology, came under regulatory scrutiny in the UK. The regulators believe that Snapchat failed to adequately assess risks to millions of My AI users.

As a result, only the upcoming time can determine the success of Microsoft’s Be My Eyes partnership.

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