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Metablaze to Reinvest NFT Revenue: Metagoblin NFT Presale on May 8

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MetaBlaze is preselling its first 10k collection of MetaGobling NFTs, and a lot of hype has recently been surrounding the launch.

Many owners of popular NFT collections such as Board Ape Yacht Club, Crypto Punks, and Moonbirds have been quick to show support and register for this utility packed collection set to go on presale on May 8, 2022

MetaBlaze is unlike any other crypto & NFT project out there. 

Not only is the team incredibly engaged with their community, but they also strive to continuously reinvest revenue back into NFT holders through meaningful initiatives and incrementally add more use cases and create more long-term, real-world, and sustainable value for NFT holders. 

By putting the interests of its users first and working to create real value for NFT holders, MetaBlaze truly embodies everything that community-driven projects stand for.

Whether you’re looking for a platform that engages and supports its users or one that creates lasting value through its actions, MetaBlaze could be one that you share a vision with. 

NFTs are not simply meant to be admired as beautiful works of art or collected and displayed in a gallery.

In the world of blockchain gaming, these digital tokens can take on a much more active and interactive role, and MetaGoblin NFTs are a fine example of this interactive role in the action.

The upcoming launch of MetaGoblin NFTs from MetaBlaze is generating a lot of excitement amongst gaming and NFT communities.

The NFT collections are inspired by in-game characters from its upcoming fantasy-themed play-to-earn game expected to roll out in late 2023 to early 2024.

The game has been described as a “World of Warcraft” with a Metaverse twist. 

The uniquely awesome-looking NFTs are set for a presale starting May 8 and are generating a huge amount of buzz.

Owners of popular Board Ape NFTs have MetaGoblin on their radar, and Axie Infinity players have been quick to voice their support for the launch, recognizing that MetaGoblin NFTs can quickly become highly coveted Gaming NFT.

With their unique designs and dynamic functionality, it’s not surprising that people are clamoring to get their hands on these utility-packed NFTs.

The MetaGoblin NFT collection will reside on the Ethereum blockchain and comprise 10,000 unique NFTs with 140 different traits and different rarity levels.

The unique designs, stunning quality, and ever-giving earning features of MetaGoblin NFTs are what make them unique.

The NFTs provide owners with new and exciting ways to earn, including the ability to rent NFTs. 

MetaGoblin NFT utility explained

As a MetaGoblin NFT owner, you gain exclusive access to various NFT drops, exclusive content, early access to new features, special events, exclusive merchandise, and more.

As the owner of a MetaGoblin NFT, you earn passive income, reward earnings, and access the Blaziverse and Blazelands farming grounds. 

10% of all royalties from secondary market sales of an entire 10k collection will continually be distributed to MetaGoblin NFT owners.

Royalty earnings will be perpetual for as long as one maintains ownership of their MetaGoblin NFT.

Royalty earnings will be distributed to MetaGoblin NFT owners in BNB coin, a thoughtful implementation designed to preserve maximum value by avoiding Ethereum Blockchain-based transactional fees.

Next, MetaGoblin owners can stake MBLZ tokens to enter the “Blaziverse.” The Blaziverse is a simple and interactive game of strategy comprised of 50 levels built within the BlazedApp (Decentralized Application).

In the Blaziverse, NFT creatures can work and earn rewards. As players reach higher levels, they can unlock higher reward earnings. In addition, the MBLZ tokens initially staked to enter the Blaziverse provide yields based upon player volume within the Blaziverse.

The more players in the Blaziverse, the more you’ll earn. Those who may not be interested in participating in this form of performance-based staking can simply rent their NFTs to others on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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What is MetaBlaze? 

MetaBlaze (MBLZ) is a blockchain-based gaming company boasting one of the most extensive and diverse ecosystems in the crypto space.

The company recently conducted its first two ICO rounds, raising over $2m in a matter of days. 

MBLZ is a rewards-based, multi-chain, deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain, with an upcoming MBLZ token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

MetaBlaze tactically merges GameFi (Gaming Finance) with key elements of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) to create a multifaceted and versatile ecosystem.

What differentiates MetaBlaze from all others is this synergistic ecosystem designed for all facets to work together, enhancing the user experience, generating continuous revenue for its economy, and providing a strong foundation on which scalability can be optimized while maximizing long-term value for MBLZ holders.

MetaBlaze is uniquely positioned to grow a community that appeals to far more than just crypto gaming enthusiasts by providing complimenting use-cases and value to all Cryptocurrency users.

NFT presale: MetaGoblin NFTs

The NFT sale is scheduled to begin on Sunday, May 8, at 12 pm UTC. The sale will be conducted on an NFT-specific launchpad developed by the MetaBlaze team.

The NFTs will then be minted and airdropped to new owners. The presale price of each MetaGoblin is expected to be approximately $300, according to comments on the MetaBlaze Twitter account

In seeing widespread interest and hype surrounding the MetaGoblin collection, it’s apparent that MetaGoblin NFTs have ample potential to trend in the world of NFTs.

The upcoming NFT presale available to the public presents the best opportunity to invest in an NFT collection before the value potentially skyrockets. Click the links below to learn more.

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