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LunarCRUSH Ranks Peter Schiff #2 in Its List of Bitcoin Influencers

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In Brief

  • Long-term Bitcoin bear, Peter Schiff, continues to speak out against Bitcoin and crypto.
  • LunarCRUSH, a blockchain social media engagement aggregator, has ranked Schiff the 2nd largest Bitcoin influencer.
  • Schiff regularly gets in Bitcoin and crypto-related twitter arguments, which seems to be driving traffic towards him and Bitcoin.
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LunarCrush, a blockchain-based social media metrics aggregator, has just added Schiff to its second rank of Bitcoin influencers, just behind Anthony Pompliano.

Bitcoin is only slightly over a decade old, making it an extremely new and speculative technology in the world of digital finance.

This rings true, especially amongst many ‘traditional’ investors skeptical of technology that aims to revolutionize many aspects of finance, trading, and international remittance.

One of the longest outspoken skeptics is infamous gold bug Peter Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, a precious metals broker-dealer. While many view bitcoin as digital gold, Schiff remains steadfastly opposed.

Heisenberg Capital co-founder and crypto influencer Max Keiser has been trying to get Schiff to change his mind on bitcoin since the early days when it traded around $1.

Source: LunarCrush

Schiff still denies this and continues to make wild predictions about the leading cryptocurrency’s downfall.

As someone who’s precious metals business is more than likely a direct competitor to Bitcoin, it may not be surprising that he holds such a different view. Nevertheless, it’s probably not having the effect Schiff wants.

The Usual Who’s Who of Bitcoin Influencers

Max Keiser also appears on that list, at number five. Is Schiff’s boasting about the ‘failures’ of Bitcoin propelling him to near the top of this list? The data suggests that this is the case.

When a user clicks on Schiff’s social media aggregation link, it provides more background on his Twitter account, post activity, impressions, and more. Scrolling to the bottom reveals a section called ‘Most Engagement.’

Of Schiff’s top engaging tweets, almost all of them relate to cryptocurrency. And, as expected, pretty much all of them are negatively oriented towards Bitcoin. Take Schiff’s December 27th tweet, for example:

“In 100 years will Bitcoin be remembered as the new Ponzi. Maybe instead of being conned, people will be bitcoined instead”

While some claim this negativity towards Bitcoin isn’t doing him any favors, it may be quite the opposite. Schiff now has a staggering 320,000 followers.

As Bitcoin climbs to new highs and gains mainstream support, even Schiff’s son, Spencer, appears to be a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

As the old saying goes, no press is bad press, and this seems to ring true today. The only question that remains is, when will Schiff hit that number one spot?


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