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Ljubljana, Slovenia is the Most Crypto-Friendly City in Europe: Here’s Why

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10 May 2022, 02:12 GMT+0000
Updated by Nicole Buckler
10 May 2022, 23:28 GMT+0000

Ljubljana has come out on top in a new survey which illuminates just how far ahead Slovenia is when it comes to cryptocurrency adoption.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular as they continue to gain traction in the mainstream.

Travel company Fast Private Jet wanted to work out which global capitals are the best fit for crypto-savvy travelers. They have indexed cities with the most venues accepting digital currency payments. This is in establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and shops.

In the number one spot in Europe, the Slovenian capital city of Ljubljana is the most crypto-friendly. If you are a traveler looking to ditch fiat, then this is your place.

Slovenia has more physical locations accepting crypto than the entire United States. Slovenia’s government aims to adopt a 10% flat tax for exchanging crypto for fiat. This also applies to purchases made with crypto.

The country’s largest shopping centre is called ‘BTC.’ The mall is evolving into a ‘Bitcoin City’ and is fast developing into a fascinating case study for global adoption.

Ljubljana: Payment methods

The infrastructure of the new crypto playground in Slovenia comes from the GoCrypto network. It was developed by the Slovenian company Eligma, who say that Slovenia now has 1333 crypto-friendly bars and restaurants, shops, and sports venues.

“BTC joined forces with the GoCrypto team and offered its merchants a comprehensive testing environment for accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. The retailers showed great interest in an innovative payment approach, which is now available in more than 100 BTC locations. The first crypto payment was made in April 2018… The use of crypto-payments has grown by almost 900% to date.”

GoCrypto say that businesses can integrate the GoCrypto payment network into their cashier system easily. “They can start accepting crypto payments right away, with no additional crypto knowledge needed.”

Customers can choose to use any of 50 available cryptos.

Ljubljana is the number one city in Europe for being crypto friendly

Prague at number 2

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is the second-best crypto-friendly destination in Europe. The eastern European city had one of the first Bitcoin-only coffee-houses, called Paralelní Polis.

Prague is surging ahead in the adoption of crypto. People can use cryptocurrencies to pay for shopping, see a film and they can even pay their rent in crypto.


Madrid at number three

At number three is Spain’s capital, Madrid. Spain still doesn’t recognize crypto as ‘legal tender.’ But Spanish people buy gift cards in cryptocurrency, which the giftee can use online or instore.


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