VVS Finance (VVS) Price Prediction 2023/2025/2030

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23 December 2022, 09:36 GMT+0000
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3 February 2023, 10:33 GMT+0000

As the vulnerabilities of centralized exchanges (CEXs) like FTX are exposed, decentralized finance (DeFi) is increasingly seeing the popularity it deserves. But complexity hinders extensive adoption. VVS Finance plans to simplify DeFi, thus spurring adoption. We’ll explore more about its ability to do so — using fundamentals and prices alike — in this VVS Finance price prediction. 

But what is VVS Finance? Alongside its native token — VVS — VVS Finance is a DeFi platform focused on accessibility. Currently, it provides liquidity pool farming, token swapping, and staking — via a straightforward interface. Plus, VVS, currently only available for staking, might soon extend to the governance and utility territory. With so much going on at the counter, this VVS Finance price prediction model will consider one thing above all: is VVS a good investment option? Let’s take a look.

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VVS Finance price prediction: the role of fundamental analysis

To understand the thought and technology behind this DeFi platform, there’s no better place to start than with fundamental analysis.

For starters, VVS Finance relies on an AMM (automated market maker) for the initial supply of liquidity needed for DeFi operations. As for features, it currently supports token swapping and staking.

What sets VVS Finance apart from other protocols is its usage of the “Constant Product Formula” for managing the liquidity of pools. Simply put, this aims to keep a token sum intact before and after the swap in any given pool. 

VVS Finance also allows users to earn VVS tokens and amass partner tokens. Users also get early access to certain projects and benefit from access to enriching data analytics.

VVS Finance price prediction: key features
VVS Finance features: Litepaper

A bit of history

VVS Finance was launched in 2021. It sits atop the Cronos blockchain and also works as a DEX. Also, the VVS token adheres to the CRC-20 standards. Particle B — the accelerator part of many Ethereum-specific DeFi projects — is the name behind VVS Finance. 

VVS finance roadmap
VVS Finance roadmap: Litepaper

VVS Finance also boasts an illustrious roadmap for Q4 2022, focusing on GameFi and NFT exposure. This suggests the platform isn’t looking to restrict itself to DeFi. 

DeFi exposure

DeFillama ranks VVS Finance at 1 when it comes to DeFi protocol TVL on the Cronos chain. Over the past 30 days, the Total Value Locked of VVS Finance dropped 8.48%. The future price of VVS will also depend on how its immediate competitors like Ferro and UniSwap do in the long run. 

VVS Finance Price Prediction: DeFi exposure
VVS Finance Price Prediction and DeFi exposure: DeFillama

Overall, VVS Finance looks like a decent project at this point in time. We will keep an eye on the governance and utility segment of the VVS token and consider this impact on prices.

VVS finance fundamentals
VVS Finance TVL: DeFillama

Tokenomics of VVS Finance

VVS Finance has a flattening “Emission” tokenomics model. The initial supply stood at 50 trillion, and henceforth half of the previous year’s token standing would be added up. Therefore, scarcity might kick in when the token issuance drops. Currently, 100 trillion is the supply cap, and only 31% of the tokens make VVS Finance’s circulating supply.

Here are the key things to note about the tokenomics of VVS Finance:

  1. VVS Finance might reach its capped supply mark in approximately ten years from the launch — 2031.
  2. 23% of the tokens will go to the VVS Finance team, whereas 50% will move to the community.
  3. No community vesting period is involved (except tokens allocated for future initiatives), and therefore nothing immunizes the price of VVS against rapid sell-offs if and when it happens.
  4. Team tokens follow a 4-year long vesting schedule.
VVS Finance token release schedule: Litepaper
VVS Finance token release schedule: Litepaper

Overall the tokenomics looks good, barring the lack of a detailed community-specific vesting schedule. Also, once the capped supply is reached, we can expect the VVS Finance price prediction model to pick up the pace.

VVS token price forecast: on-chain metrics and social volume

There are worrying signs for short-term traders and investors in the on-chain metrics. Over the past 30 days, VVS tokens showed higher volatility compared to the previous months. Even though this has been dropping since early December, the November volatility concerns may re-emerge, especially as the entire crypto market is volatile. 

Santiment price volatility
VVS Finance volatility: Santiment

Here is the impact of the growing November volatility on the price of the VVS Finance token. 

Volatility corresponding price action: TradingView
Volatility corresponding price action: TradingView

The weighted sentiment for VVS Finance has been in the neutral to negative territory for some time now. Therefore, a significant price action might not be on the cards just yet. We shall revisit the short-term picture in our technical analysis of the VVS token.

VVS price prediction: weighted sentiment
VVS Finance price prediction and weighted sentiment: Santiment

Finally, below is a social volume chart till late November 202. Do note that a rise in the social chatter around Nov. 10, 2022, wasn’t positive for the price of VVS finance.

social volume
VVS Finance price prediction and social volume: Santiment

A higher peak was seen on Sep. 11, 2022. Notice that the prices dropped briefly.

social volume peak VVS Finance Price prediction

Below is the official Twitter handle of VVS finance. Twitter followers have been steadily growing over the past three months. 

VVS Finance price prediction using technical analysis

Before we begin the technical analysis, we can look at the daily chart for the VVS-USDT trading pair. Notice we have pulled the Bitget chart as the Bitget VVS-USDT pair makes the biggest market in terms of volume. Here are the key insights that we could infer from the chart:

VVS price prediction using technical analysis
VVS price prediction using technical analysis: TradingView
  1. The maximum price of a VVS token was $0.000159 on Nov. 24, 2021. It didn’t start trading on Bitget at that time.
  2. Post-trade opening, the highest price of the VVS finance token was $0.000043764.
  3. The minimum price of a VVS token surfaced on Dec. 17, 2022, when it reached $0.000003027.
  4. The current market cap stands close to $94 million, with the highest being $352.40m, on March 29, 2022.
  5. The drop in market cap is almost four times the peak.

Now let us find a possible pattern.

Pattern identification

At first glance, you will see the VVS token price chart making a lower-high swing pattern. The points are marked A, B, C, D, and E.

Also, the lows between the pattern are lower lows, marked M, N, O, and P.

Now let us find the distance and price change percentage between every consecutive point on the chart to find two things:

  1. Is VVS Finance at its lowest, or might it correct further?
  2. Where can be the next high for the VVS token?

Here is the chart with all the points:

VVS Finance price prediction using chart points: TradingView
VVS Finance price prediction using chart points: TradingView

Here is the data (data set 1)

All highs to lows:

A to M = 14 days and -41.63%; B to N = 35 days and -51.12%; C to O = 44 days and -69.93%; D to P = 36 days and -40.08%

Here are the markings on the price chart:

VVS Finance price prediction using high to low points: TradingView
VVS Finance price prediction using high to low points: TradingView

All lows to highs:

M to B = 32 days and 11.55%; N to C = 4 days and 19.33%; O to D = 57 days and 76.7%; P to E = 48 days and 33.54%

Here are the markings on the price chart:

VVS Finance price prediction using low to high points: TradingView
VVS Finance price prediction using low to high points: TradingView

We will use the two tables to find the next set of points.

VVS Finance (VVS) price prediction 2023

Outlook: Moderately bullish

We know that the last high made by the VVS token was E. Now, we need to head over to data set 1 and average out the distance and percentage drop from the high. The values are:

Average time: 32 days (high can be 44 days)

Average drop: 50.69%.

So the next low from E could be in 32 days, dropping 50.69%. Do notice the 32-day VVS price prediction was successful. This shows that the VVS Finance price prediction model is being calculated correctly. However, VVS made a low at $0.000003027. We will keep that detail handy for the next calculation.

VVS price prediction 2023
VVS Finance price prediction successful pattern: TradingView

The drop was around 56% in 40 days. Hence, the prediction still holds. 

Successful prediction
VVS Finance price prediction using the alternate successful low: TradingView

Now that we have the new low at, say, Q, we should head over to data set 2 to find the average time and percentage growth to the next high.

The values are:

Average time: 35 days (max can be 57 days)

Average increase:  35%

So if we plot the path from Q, the next high could be at $0.000004106 in early January. Let us mark it F. Keeping the average move and the current crypto market in mind, the low from F can be in a maximum of 44 days. This average drop is 50.69%. 

However, VVS has strong support at $0.000003448. This can be the level where the minimum price of VVS surfaces in 2023. 

VVS Finance price prediction for 2023: TradingView
VVS Finance price prediction for 2023: TradingView

Next high in 2023

If we take the low-to-high percentage increase from the new 2023 low, the price of VVS can go as high as $0.000004666. 

Here is the path to trace in 2023. There can also be more highs in 2023, depending on the state of the crypto market. Therefore, it is advisable to consider the average price of the VVS Finance token.

VVS high and low
VVS Finance price prediction for 2023 and the next high: TradingView

Projected ROI from the current level: 52%

Short-term validation

Outlook: Bearish

The near-term price movement does not look promising. Firstly, VVS Finance has recently broken the lower trendline of what looks like a descending triangle pattern. Plus, the RSI (momentum) isn’t looking strong. It is still trading in the oversold zone and making lower lows. The volumes aren’t convincing yet.

VVS price prediction short term outlook
VVS price prediction short-term outlook: TradingView

For VVS to move up, the RSI must cross the immediate target of 40. Only then can we expect some bullishness at the counter. 

VVS Finance (VVS) price prediction 2025

Outlook: Moderately bullish

We might see higher highs in 2023, with G being higher than F. Ultimately, the continuing downtrend associated with the price of VVS finance could be defeated. But, the current market conditions justify the modest high of $0.000004666.


We can calculate the distance between the peaks to see how long it takes for the next peak to form. 

Here is the data for that (data set 3):

Also, do note that F and G are future price points, and therefore the points might not be accurate. They are more like ballpark zones.

A to B = 46 days; B to C = 38 days; C to D = 101 days; D to E = 87 days; E to F = 75 days; F to G = 92 days

So from G, it might take VVS at max 101 days to form a new high. The bear market can push the timeline further, and we can see the next high in 2024.

We can connect the last low and the last high via the Fib levels. From here, we can follow the same path from the last low to F. This projected path puts the VVS price prediction 2024 level at $0.000009395. The low can be in the next 44 days, per data set 1. 

VVS finance price prediction 2024
VVS price prediction 2024: TradingView

Also, the drop in 2024 should be lower than $0.000000704 as that VVS has strong support at $0.000007. This also coincides with level E (one of the highs).

Using data set 1, the maximum high percentage can be 76.60%. Therefore, from the last 2024 low, the next high (assuming that’s in 2025) can surface at $0.000012443. 

VVS PP graph
VVS price prediction 2025: TradingView

So the VVS finance price prediction for 2025 places the high at $0.000012443.

Projected ROI from the current level: 306%

VVS Finance (VVS) price prediction 2030

Outlook: Bullish

Now we can connect the last low, $0.000000704, and the last high, $0.000012443, using the Fib indicators. This calculation indicates we can expect the price of VVS to reach $0.000025 by mid-2027. Let’s assume the growth percentage from 2025 to 2027 is over 100%. This would mean the VVS price prediction for 2030 could be 150% higher than the 2027 level. 

VVS finance price prediction 2027
VVS price prediction 2027: TradingView

Therefore, the maximum price of VVS finance in 2030 can go as high as $0.0000628, breaching its chart high of $0.000043764. 

VVS Finance price prediction 2030
VVS price prediction 2030: TradingView

Projected ROI from the current level: 1950%

VVS Finance (VVS’s) long-term price prediction (up to 2035)

Outlook: Bullish

Even though we have traced the price path for VVS Finance till 2030, the below data table will help predict the VVS price until 2035. Do note that the average price of VVS tokens might still change during any given year. Plus, the highs and lows only take linear growth into consideration and the appearance of standard bear and bull cycles.

Year | Maximum price of VVS | Minimum price of VVS
2027$0.000025 $0.0000155

The price levels aren’t consistent across years. The reason is the assumption that bear and bull cycles follow each other and will hit the crypto market at least two to four times in the span of 12 years.

How accurate is the VVS Finance price prediction model?

Our VVS Finance price prediction model takes fundamentals, on-chain metrics, technical analysis, and tokenomics into consideration. Also, we have successfully identified a trend or pattern, which makes this price prediction piece practical and well-tested. Yet, the future of VVS finance will depend on the growth of DeFi and how quickly the VVS token starts developing new use cases and talking points. Of course, the state of the crypto market is also a factor, with bulls and bears able to hold significant influence over token pricing.

Frequently asked questions

Is VVS a good investment?

VVS might be a good investment if you are willing to give it some time to grow. The immediate price action doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, but post-2023, the VVS finance token might gain some steam. Also, that will depend on the growth of the DeFi space on the whole.

Does VVS finance have a future?

VVS Finance does have a future, especially with DeFi growing into such a big crypto use case. Plus, with VVS Finance planning to bring in utility and governance features via its native token, the long-term price action can certainly receive a boost.

Is VVS related to crypto.com?

Startup accelerator Particle B is behind VVS Finance. The founder of Particle B, Garty Or, is also the co-founder of Crypto.com. He briefly served as Crypto.com’s CTO before stepping down in 2020.

Is VVS inflationary?

Yes, VVS Finance follows inflationary token economics. However, the emission structure means that token issuance is expected to decrease each year, making the economics disinflationary at max.


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