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Tap-to-Earn: What to Know About the Crypto GameFi Trend

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Tap-to-earn clicker games are attracting millions of users in 2024, all looking to earn money through gameplay. This short guide explains how these games work and lists the top tap-to-earn options in July 2024.

What are crypto clicker tap-to-earn games?

Clicker games require players to repeatedly click on a screen. The main aim is for players to build up their number of clicks in order to accomplish goals, such as collecting resources, improving characters, or earning points and tokens.

Tap-to-earn is one element of the wider play-to-earn (P2E) GameFi sector. As the name suggests, P2E games allow players to earn crypto via immersive gameplay. Some tap-to-earn games also include elements of social interaction between players, such as competitions and cooperative tasks.

Features of tap-to-earn clicker games

1. Simple gameplay: Clicker games are usually characterized by very simple and intuitive gameplay. The main action is repeatedly tapping a screen or buttons.

2. Gradual progression: During the game, players can improve their abilities and acquire new items or characters, allowing them to achieve higher goals and open new levels.

3. Automation: Many clicker games provide options for automating actions.

What are the top 5 tap-to-earn games in 2024?

1. Notcoin 

Notcoin is a Telegram-based game that boasts over 40 million users globally as of June 2024. NOT, the native currency within the Notcoin ecosystem, rewards users for playing games, participating in certain web3 projects, and contributing to the growing community.

tap-to-earn games tradingview
Notcoin/USD: TradingView

While Notcoin is fresh on the scene in 2024, it is arguably one of the most well known tap-to-earn games available. The price performance of the native NOT crypto has also turned heads; the token surged 300% in the final week of May to become the fifth-most traded crypto globally by June 2, 2024, as per TradingView data.

Looking to buy NOT tokens in 2024? Check out our expert Notcoin price prediction to determine the growth potential of this trending asset.

2. Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is another viral Telegram-based crypto game. Players mine HMSTR coins by managing a virtual crypto exchange. The tap-to-earn element comes via a reward button mechanism — users must simply hit the button on a daily basis to claim their free coins. 

3. Blum Clicker

Blum Clicker is designed to attract users to the Blum decentralized exchange (DEX). With Blum, users can buy, sell and exchange crypto and earn Blum Points (BP). Points can be traded for boosts and other rewards in the future. Blum Clicker also gives users daily tasks to complete. Notably, it offers a super simple mining design and does not require players to watch ads or complete rewardless tasks. 

4. Yescoin

Yescoin is a pixel-style clicker game where players earn YES tokens simply by swiping their phone screen. Players can purchase a bot to automatically collect coins and use loopholes to increase their income. Referrals bring additional bonuses.

5. TapSwap

TapSwap is similar to Notcoin and Yescoin. With a classic tap-to-earn mechanism, players collect coins by completing tasks. Players must try to accumulate the maximum number of coins using the in-game bot and boosts, as well as manually mining coins. TapSwap leads the pack in terms of its user base, which is close to 50 million as of mid-June 2024.

The TapSwap community is notably active across multiple social channels — the project’s X page boasts over 4.9 million followers, more than the official X page of the Ethereum Foundation.

How much can you earn from clicker games?

Earnings from clicker games can vary depending on several factors. These include:

1. The popularity and mechanics of the game

Popular games usually have greater earning opportunities, whether that’s via in-game currency, activity bonuses, or referral programs. Some games offer in-game purchases or bonuses for watching ads, which can accelerate a player’s progress and increase potential earnings.

2. Referral programs

Developers often pay new players through referral links with bonuses or additional currency.

3. Automation and bots

 Buying automated bots or using boosts can increase tap efficiency and boost income.

4. The state of the crypto market

If the game allows players to earn real crypto, then income will depend on the current market rate of these coins. The high volatility of digital assets can both increase and decrease expected income. On average, players can expect to earn a few dollars in a couple of hours. 

Stay safe while playing tap-to-earn games

Tap-to-earn games offer a novel way for users to earn crypto. Unlike other P2E games, which can be time-intensive and require a level of commitment, tap-to-earn games are defined by their simplicity. With many of these clicker games based on social apps such as Telegram, tap-to-earn represents a clear opportunity to onboard gamers and social media users to web3.

However, prospective players should be aware of the risks of these games. Telegram is known for its proliferation of scams. Only ever click verified links and use official channels to remain safe while tapping-to-earn.

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