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7 Best Pro Accounts for Crypto Trading

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The best pro accounts for crypto trading should offer a balance of low fees, high liquidity, advanced trading options, and pro-level security. Matching your trading style with the right features is key. 

Whether you’re looking into futures trading, margin trading, or employing specific crypto trading strategies, we’ve detailed the best crypto platforms that will meet your professional trading needs.

What are pro accounts for crypto trading?

Pro accounts in crypto trading are designed to cater to the needs of professional cryptocurrency traders, offering an array of advanced features that go beyond what is available on standard trading platforms. 

These accounts often come from crypto exchanges for pro traders and are built with institutional-grade crypto trading infrastructure. One of the defining characteristics of these professional cryptocurrency trading accounts is the focus on providing high crypto trading liquidity, ensuring that large volumes can be traded without significantly impacting the market price.

According to Statista, the overall cryptocurrency trading volume over a 24-hour period has grown in 2023. The trading volume reached $1,117 billion in September 2023, implying high liquidity in the crypto market. 

Overall cryptocurrency 24 hour trade volume from January 1, 2021 to September 18, 2023
Trade volume from January 2021-September 2023: Statista

When it comes to trading features, pro accounts offer tools tailored to implement complex crypto trading strategies. These typically include margin trading and futures trading options that allow traders to leverage their positions for potentially higher gains or losses. High-frequency trading is another feature that is usually supported, enabling traders to make a large number of trades within seconds. Real-time market data feeds are essential in pro accounts, aiding in making timely and accurate trading decisions.

In terms of fees, pro accounts often offer a fee structure that rewards higher trading volumes with lower trading fees, making them more cost-effective for advanced traders. 

These accounts also come equipped with robust crypto trading security measures, including advanced encryption and two-factor authentication, to safeguard against unauthorized access and hacks. 

Additionally, the best crypto exchanges that offer these premium trading accounts provide an array of crypto trading tools, such as trading bots to automate trades and analytical tools to evaluate market trends.

Best pro accounts for crypto trading

Best for Professional Crypto Traders
Crypto trading fees
Deposit/withdrawal fee
Exclusive Feature:
GTi12 Index
Up to 1:1000

Coinbase Advanced

Best for stablecoin pairs
Crypto trading fees
Up to 4.5%
Deposit/withdrawal fee
Up to 1%
Minimum funding

Kraken Pro

Best for funding options
Crypto trading fees
0.16% maker, 0.26% taker
Deposit/withdrawal fee
$0/up to $35
Minimum funding


Best for copy trading
Crypto trading fees
Deposit/Withdrawal Fee
Free for USD
Minimum funding


Best for a diverse investment portfolio
Crypto trading fees
Deposit/withdrawal fee
Minimum funding

Best for a diverse range of cryptos
Crypto trading fees
0% – 0.20%
Deposit/Withdrawal Fee
Minimum funding


Best for stock lending
Crypto trading fees
Deposit/withdrawal fee
Minimum funding

How to choose the right pro account for your crypto trading needs

pro trading platforms

Consider your trading style

Choosing the right platform for crypto trading really depends on your personal trading style and individual circumstances. For instance, when comparing Binance vs. Binance.US, it’s worth noting the variations in accessibility and offerings due to regulatory differences in various regions. Additionally, if you’re a day trader who makes quick moves, you’ll want a platform with real-time data and low fees for frequent transactions. 

Some platforms have simple interfaces for beginners, while others offer advanced charting tools for more experienced traders. So, it’s important to pick a platform that fits your individual needs and trading style.

Evaluate fees and costs

It’s crucial to consider the fees and costs associated with trading. These can eat into your profits, especially if you’re making frequent trades. Some platforms charge higher fees for simple trades, which can be costly for beginners who are not yet comfortable with advanced trading options. 

Make sure to check the fee structure and compare it with your trading style. If you’re a day trader making multiple trades a day, lower transaction fees will be a priority for you. 

Conversely, if you’re a long-term investor, you might focus on other features like a wide selection of cryptocurrencies or interest-earning opportunities, where the impact of trading fees could be less significant. Always align the platform’s fee structure with your own trading habits to get the most value.

Examine security measures

Security is a critical factor to consider. When picking a platform, ensure it has strong security features to protect your investments. Look for two-factor authentication, encryption, and cold storage for funds. Understanding how the crypto assets are stored or used by the platform is extremely important so you can avoid being involved in a crypto exchange collapse, such as the 2022 FTX contagion.

Research whether the platform has ever suffered from security incidents and how these were resolved. You should have peace of mind while trading instead of worrying about platform security.

Assess trading tools and features

When choosing a pro account for crypto trading, you should look at the trading tools and features the platform offers. Some platforms offer both simple and advanced trading tools.

Look for features like technical indicators, live order books, and limit orders. These can help you make more informed decisions. Also, consider whether the platform offers relevant educational content or market analysis to help you improve your trading skills.

Basically, the more tools and features a platform has, the more flexibility you’ll have in executing your trading plan. So, take the time to research and compare these aspects before deciding.

What are the risks associated with pro-level crypto trading?

Firstly, cryptocurrencies are super volatile, meaning that prices can go up or down really fast and unexpectedly. Imagine waking up to discover the money you invested has suddenly lost half its value! 

Secondly, the crypto world isn’t really watched over by any government. If something goes wrong, like hacking or technical glitches, you’re often pretty much on your own (the curse and blessing of decentralization!) Also, sometimes, the tech behind a crypto or blockchain can change suddenly (e.g., “hard forks”). An event like this one can also significantly impact the market.

When it comes to using special cryptocurrency trading accounts like spread bets or CFDs, the risks become greater. You’re basically making bets on steroids, where both wins and losses can be huge, even if you only put down a little money to start. And because prices can leap from one point to another, safety nets like “stop-loss” might not work as you’d expect, causing you to lose more. 

Trading this way is not for everyone; it’s more suited for folks who know what they’re doing and have a high risk appetite.

Do pro-crypto trading accounts offer better liquidity?

Having a pro trading account generally doesn’t guarantee better liquidity for your trades. Liquidity means how easily you can turn your assets into cash. In traditional markets, brokers help you get the best prices by pooling various sources of liquidity, but in the crypto market, it’s not that simple. 

Each crypto exchange, including decentralized exchanges, tends to have its own pool of liquidity, and these are often scattered across multiple exchanges. Depending on where you’re trading, this can result in different prices for the same asset. 

So even if you have a pro account, you’re not necessarily getting access to better or more liquidity; you’d have to have funds in multiple exchanges to really take advantage of the entire liquidity pool.

What’s the best pro account for crypto trading?

If low trading fees and high crypto trading liquidity are your priorities, some exchanges excel more than others. For traders focused on futures and margin trading, or even high-frequency trading, certain platforms offer these services with institutional-grade crypto trading security. As for crypto trading strategies, premium cryptocurrency trading accounts often provide advanced features like trading bots and real-time market data that can be pivotal for professional crypto traders.

In the landscape of professional cryptocurrency trading, choosing the right pro account can make all the difference for those serious about maximizing profits. When it comes to professional cryptocurrency trading, there’s a lot to consider. From advanced crypto trading platforms to crypto trading tools tailored for analytical depth, pro accounts offer a variety of pro-level crypto trading features.

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