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Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2023/2025/2030

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The entire crypto ecosystem is a cosmos of possibilities. But what about the interoperable blockchain project, Cosmos? This detailed Cosmos price prediction model focuses on fundamentals, tokenomics, on-chain metrics, and technical analysis.

ATOM, the native coin of Cosmos, is, as of early February 2023, down 67.74% from its all-time high of $44.70. But the coin has been one of the bigger beneficiaries of the January 2023 crypto rally. Let’s look at the short-term and long-term price forecasts, starting with the fundamentals.

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The future price of Cosmos and the role of fundamentals

The Cosmos blockchain aims to develop a scalable ecosystem for developers. The Cosmos blockchain can host several DApps and even help develop full-fledged blockchain projects.

It is termed the “Internet of Blockchains” for the same reasons.

cosmos fundamentals
Cosmos fundamentals: Cosmos Network

Here is how it works:

Cosmos boasts a novel IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) protocol. This allows different blockchain ecosystems and setups to transfer data and digital assets among each other. At the center of the Cosmos ecosystem is the Cosmos Hub which acts as the governance layer. The native ATOM coin is an integral part of the Cosmos Hub and facilitates seamless governance, supporting staking and acting as the transaction fees.

Here are some of the insights that make Cosmos extremely popular among blockchain enthusiasts:

  1. The Cosmos Hub works as the heart of the Cosmos ecosystem, donning the hat of a custodian, marketplace, and security provider.
  2. The Cosmos SDK is popular among DApp builders, helping create diverse and powerful interconnected systems.
  3. The ecosystem is 99% more carbon-efficient, boasts fast transactions, and promises affordable transaction fees. 
cosmos insights
Insights related to the Cosmos Ecosystem: Cosmos Network

Cosmos tokenomics and future price expectations

The coin distribution system for Cosmos started in 2017. Over 80% went to the investors on release, whereas nearly 20% went to the project and the founders. Interestingly, the overall supply is inflationary. But there’s a twist. The rate of inflation varies between 7% and 20%. This means if more Cosmos is staked, the inflation hits the 7% mark, whereas if the staking percentage is less than ⅔ of the circulating supply, the inflation ceiling moves up to 20%.

Cosmos token supply: Messari
Cosmos supply: Messari

Hence, market participants have the incentive to stake more ATOM coins. Currently, the top 100 ATOM holders manage 99.39% of the supply, making the coin prone to market-wide sell-offs. 

Cosmos holder stats: CoinMarketCap
Cosmos holder stats: CoinMarketCap

ATOM price prediction and on-chain metrics

The development activity/price action chart reveals something interesting. Every time the development activity peaks, the price is positively impacted. The development activity seems to be growing (as of early February 2023), and any move above the high of Dec. 4, 2023, can work as a bullish driver. 

Cosmos price prediction and development activity: Santiment
Cosmos price prediction and development activity: Santiment

For traders and investors, though, looking at the price of ATOM in relation to the volatility makes sense. The four-week volatility chart suggests that every time the volatility of ATOM hits a low level for a given swing, the prices start moving up from there. 

Cosmos price prediction and volatility: Santiment
Cosmos price prediction and volatility: Santiment

You can see that the orange line (volatility) is moving down, and a bigger drop might move the existing price action to the optimistic territory. 

Cosmos price prediction and technical analysis

Here are a few pointers about the current and historical price of the ATOM coin that might nudge us in the right direction regarding the Cosmos price prediction.

Cosmos market cap: Coinmarketcap
Cosmos market cap: CoinMarketCap
  1. The market cap of Cosmos peaked on Jan. 20, 2022, reaching $10.63 billion in the process. The trading volume during that time also did exceptionally well, clocking $1.29 billion.
  2. Despite the broader crypto market correction throughout 2022, Cosmos managed to make some recovery as opposed to other cryptos. On Sept. 17, 2023, a lower high was formed in terms of market cap. Cosmos (ATOM) clocked $4.7 billion in market cap, whereas the trading volume clocked $588.83 million — just a 50% drop off the peak trading volume.
  3. The lesser significant drop in trading volume in September meant that the price of ATOM coins was less volatile in late 2022. This explains why Cosmos has been a big beneficiary of the recent crypto rally. 
  4. The highest price of ATOM is $44.70, reached on Sept. 20, 2021.

Now that we have the historical data out of the way, let us look at the price action of the ATOM coin.

Short-term price analysis

The daily price chart reveals something crucial about ATOM’s short-term price action. Notice that ATOM has recently broken out of the descending trendline forming a converging wedge. On top of that, the breach above the important resistance line of $14.40 is also obvious. ATOM is currently trading at $14.49 — eyeing the next resistance of $16.25.

Cosmos short-term price prediction: TradingView
Cosmos short-term price prediction: TradingView

And the move does look likely, courtesy of the moving average lines. The green line, or the 50-day moving average line, just crossed above the blue line, or the 100-day moving average. It also closes in on the 200-day moving average or the red line.

While this chart captures the ATOM-USDT price potential, ATOM has also been doing well in relation to BTC. ATOM’s price action, compared to BTC, looks bullish, as captured by this detailed prediction piece. 

Now that we have the short-term price forecast, we can use the weekly chart and hunt for patterns. 

Pattern identification

Here is the raw weekly chart alongside the relative strength index or the momentum indicator.

The pattern is clear as a day. The left side of the chart shows three discernable higher highs before the price of ATOM peaks. From there, we see ATOM making three lower highs.

Cosmos short-term price prediction: TradingView
Cosmos raw chart: TradingView

At present, we can see a weekly high forming. A circle marks the region. If you see the encircled region against the previous high, the bullish divergence, courtesy of the RSI, is visible. Therefore, we might expect the next high to form above the previous high, ending the lower-high formation. This might even kickstart a new pattern for Cosmos, where we would expect the left side of the chart to repeat itself. 

Cosmos weekly chart and RSI: TradingView
Cosmos weekly chart and RSI: TradingView

Now let us mark all the high and low points on the chart to get some data about the upswings and downswings at ATOM’s counter.

Here is a chart with all the lows and highs marked for ATOM. Note that each price level could be a strong support and resistance line. 

Cosmos price prediction and levels TradingView
Cosmos price prediction and levels: TradingView

Price changes

ATOM price changes: TradingView
ATOM price changes: TradingView

We now have to locate the price changes for two distinct paths: A to D and D to A1.

Cosmos price prediction table
Cosmos price prediction tables

Using the data from both tables, we can locate the average price change and days taken for the next low-to-high move and the next high-to-low move.

High-to-low average (using columns with negative values): -68.25% and 99 days. 

Low-to-high average (using columns with non-negative values): 386.56% and 98 days.

The average price change percentages and days taken can vary depending on the existing state of the crypto market.

We can use the figures above to plot the future price points corresponding to the ATOM coin.

Cosmos (ATOM) price prediction 2023

Outlook: Moderately bullish

A1 is the last high we have for reference. We can now use the high-to-low average drop to project the next low. However, we shall also use the drop of 52.14%  — the minimum price change from the tables above.

The existing low from A1 surfaces at $8.457, corresponding to a drop of over 50%. This aligns with our tables and ATOM price forecast data. And notice that the time taken is 98 days, according to our average finding. 

Cosmos price prediction 2023: TradingView
Cosmos price prediction 2023: TradingView

We can mark this low as X. Post X, we can use the low-to-high values to predict the next high for ATOM. The short-term chart shows that the price of ATOM looks bullish for now. However, the broader crypto market still looks a bit jaded; hence we expect the next high to go up by 121.61% — the second lowest percentage growth per the tables above. By this time, ATOM has already increased by more than 61.65%  — the lowest percentage hike. This explains why we opted to project the path by 121.61%. 

This assumption puts the next Cosmos price prediction high in 99 days and $18.773. The next low from A2 could again follow the average drop of -68.25% and 99 days. However, the current price growth might help ATOM take support at $8.908 — a level coinciding with B from the left side of the pattern. This level could be the minimum ATOM price prediction for 2023.

Road to 2024

From the low in 2023, we can expect ATOM to make a higher high, going up by 121.61%. However, between 2023 to 2024, we can expect the crypto market to consolidate and trade in a range. Hence, the next Cosmos price prediction level could surface in 217 days — the max timeframe of a low-to-high move from the tables above.

Cosmos price prediction 2024: TradingView
Cosmos price prediction 2024: TradingView

Therefore, we can expect the next high or B2 to surface at $19.86. However, this could be the Cosmos price prediction level for 2024. 

Projected ROI from the current level: 30%

Cosmos (ATOM) price prediction 2025

Outlook: Bullish

From the 2024 high or B2, we can expect the next low to drop only by 52.14% — the lowest drop figure. We expect this because the ATOM coin would have gained decent price momentum by now. This puts the next low at $9.489.

By now, the Cosmos price prediction trend of higher highs and higher lows would show up clearly. Therefore, by 2025, we can expect the price of ATOM to follow the average low-to-high growth of 386.56%. The distance could be 217 days, per the table above. 

Cosmos price prediction 2025: TradingView
Cosmos price prediction 2025: TradingView

Hence, the 2025 high for Cosmos could surface at $46.20. The low from that level could take support at $22.10 — coinciding with the lowest drop percentage of 52.14%. We can expect ATOM to form a new all-time high by this time

The next high, in 2026, could still follow the 121.61% price growth, surfacing at $49.060. This might feel a bit underwhelming compared to the 2025 high. This might act as a cool-down compared to the peaks touched in 2025. 

Projected ROI from the current level: 220%

Cosmos (ATOM) price prediction 2030

Outlook: Bullish

We can connect the levels using the Fib indicator now that we have 2025 low and 2026 high. If we trace the same growth path till 2030, the expected high could surface at $211.40.

Cosmos price prediction 2030: TradingView

We expect the Cosmos price prediction low in 2030 to surface at $139.15. 

Projected ROI from the current level: 1365%

Cosmos (ATOM’s) long-term price prediction (up to 2035)

Outlook: Bullish

Now that we have the price of Cosmos traced till 2030, we can use similar calculations to trace the path till 2035. Here is the Cosmos price forecast table to help you with the same.

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Year | Maximum price of ATOM | Minimum price of ATOM

Is this Cosmos price prediction theory practical and accurate?

Our Cosmos price prediction model relies on more than technical analysis. We also focus on the fundamentals, growth prospects of the Cosmos ecosystem and blockchain, tokenomics, and other insights. Therefore, we can expect this price prediction theory to be as accurate as possible in a dynamic crypto market.

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