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21 Best ChatGPT Prompts to Explore in 2024

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No matter how you feel about AI and its impact on our lives, ChatGPT is clearly rather impressive as a language model. But ChatGPT can only be as good as the prompts it receives. This is true of any machine learning system. But it’s particularly relevant for a large language model (LLM) like ChatGPT. That’s because these artificial intelligence models rely entirely on the input received from users to generate output.

Giving ChatGPT a poorly worded or vague prompt will not help it produce a coherent response. So learning how to write effective prompts is essential for getting the most out of ChatGPT. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of sample ChatGPT prompts you can reference in order to maximize this powerful technology’s potential.

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What are ChatGPT prompts?

What is Chat GBT?

Simply put, a prompt is a piece of text that you provide to the model to generate a response. The quality of the prompt is crucial for getting good results from the model since it determines the context and scope of the output text.

A good prompt should be clear and specific, with enough detail to give ChatGPT a clear idea of what you’re looking for. You might include relevant keywords or phrases or provide some context to help ChatGPT understand the topic at hand. With a well-crafted prompt, ChatGPT can generate informative and engaging text on a wide range of topics, from coding and technical documentation to creative writing and beyond.

We’ve organized the following example prompts into different categories to make this guide as easy as possible. Here are some example prompts to help ChatGPT support your learning, investing, web development, business decisions, and even health and fitness.

ChatGPT prompts for learning 

1. Understanding concepts

Please explain the Pythagorean theorem on a fifth-grade level. Provide a test at the end but do not give me the answers to the test questions. Tell me whether my answers are right or wrong immediately after I submit my responses.

chatgbt prompts concepts

2. Finding synonyms

I would like you to provide me with synonyms for a given word. Please give up to 10 alternatives for the word I provide. If I require more synonyms for the same word, I will respond with “more of x,” where ‘x’ is the word you provided. Refrain from providing any explanations and only reply with the list of words. The words you provide must exist in the English language. Please reply with “OK” to confirm that you understand.

3. Proofread and spellcheck

I am writing an English essay for school and would like to have it proofread and spellchecked. Please review my essay for any spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and incorrect punctuation. Please also check the sentence structure and ensure that the essay is coherent and easy to understand. Once you have reviewed my essay, please provide me with a list of corrections or suggestions for improvement. Please do not make any changes to the essay directly.

4. Learning new topics

I am interested in learning about the prehistoric archaeology of India, but I have no previous knowledge or experience in this subject. I have two free days a week, each for four hours, for the next three months. Can you help me create a crash study plan to understand prehistoric archaeology in India better? Please provide me with a clear and structured study plan that outlines what topics I should focus on, recommended resources to read or watch, and any other tips or advice to help me achieve my goal.

Learning new topics

5. Creating tests

I would like a short answer mock test for an 8th-grade science student. The test should be of medium difficulty level and have a time limit of 1 hour. Please create a test with 20 questions that cover a range of topics in 8th-grade science, including physics, chemistry, and biology. The questions should require the student to provide short answers and should test their knowledge and understanding of the concepts covered in 8th-grade science. Ensure that the questions are appropriate for an 8th-grade student and are not too difficult or too easy.

ChatGPT prompts for crypto, finance, and investments

6. Making investment strategies

I am interested in investing in DeFi to earn passive income, but I have no prior experience in this area. I have a basic understanding of crypto fundamentals and medium risk tolerance. Can you help me create an investment plan for DeFi? Please provide me with a clear and structured plan that outlines:

  • Recommended DeFi platforms to invest in based on my risk tolerance and investment goals. 
  • Strategies for diversification and risk management.
  • The amount of investment required to achieve my goals
  • The expected returns and timeline for the investment

Also, provide a to-do list that includes any steps I need to take to get started with investing in DeFi, such as setting up a crypto wallet or choosing a reliable exchange. Additionally, please include a list of common mistakes to avoid when investing in DeFi.

chatgbt prompts defi

7. Planning for the future

I have a diversified investment portfolio that includes stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies. My investment time horizon is 10 years, and I have moderate risk tolerance. The current inflation rate is 2.5%, and my investment goal is to achieve an average annual return of 8%. How does inflation impact my investment portfolio, and what strategies can I use to hedge against it?

8. Making informed investment decisions

What are the differences between value and growth stocks, and which one should I consider investing in? My investment objective is long-term capital growth, I have a moderate to high-risk tolerance, and my investment time horizon is 10 years. When I refer to value and growth stocks, I mean those with low P/E ratios and high dividend yields, and those with high P/E ratios and low dividend yields, respectively.

9. Reviewing smart contracts

Please review this Solidity contract and let me know if you find any security vulnerabilities. 

* enter source code here*

(For this example, we used this smart contract. ChatGPT flagged it as a Ponzi scheme and outlined the issues it found in the source code).

chat gbt prompts

ChatGPT prompts for web developers

10. Get ideas on how to structure your website

I am creating a WordPress website for a small business that sells beauty and wellness products and would like your assistance in structuring the website. I want you to act as a web development consultant and provide me with a comprehensive plan for the project that includes specific pages and features relevant to my business. Please use your knowledge of UX/UI design principles, coding languages, website development tools, and any other relevant skills to create a plan that is tailored to my business needs and goals.

11. ChatGPT into a Linux terminal

I would like to use you as a Linux terminal. Please provide the output of each command that I enter in a unique code block and do not provide any explanations. I will only communicate with you in English by placing text inside curly brackets {like this}. Please respond with the output of each command and nothing else unless I instruct you otherwise.

To start, please provide the output of the ‘ls’ command.

linux terminal

12. Turn ChatGPT into a JavaScript console

I would like to use ChatGPT as a JavaScript console. Please provide me with the output of each JavaScript command that I enter, along with any errors or warnings that may occur. Ensure that the output is displayed in a unique code block and includes any relevant information that would typically be displayed in a console, such as values, variables, and functions. Do not provide any explanations or additional information unless I ask for it. 

To start, please provide the output of the ‘console.log(“Hello, world!”);’ command. 

13. Get shortcuts and cheat sheets

I need a table that lists the commonly used Python shortcuts for both Apple and Windows devices. Please provide a clear and organized table that includes the shortcut name, its corresponding key combination, and a brief description of its function.

shortcut cheat code

ChatGPT prompts for businesses

14. Creating advertising campaigns

I would like you to create an advertising campaign to promote a new protein supplement targeted toward young adults aged 18-30. As an advertiser, please develop key messages and slogans that would appeal to this demographic, choose appropriate media channels for promotion, and decide on any additional activities needed to reach your advertising goals. Present your ideas in a clear and organized format that includes the target audience, key messages, slogans, media channels, and any other relevant details. Respond with ‘OK’ to confirm that you understand.

chatgbt prompts ad campaign

15. Brainstorming new business ideas

I want to predict new company concepts that could be successful even without funding. Can you provide me with strategies or methodologies for predicting successful company concepts without relying on funding? Please provide specific examples or case studies demonstrating your proposed strategies’ effectiveness.

16. Using social media tools

I need a detailed product roadmap for Instagram’s Stories feature that is focused on increasing the number of posts. As a product management consultant, please provide specific strategies and tactics that can be used to increase engagement and encourage more users to post to Instagram Stories. Provide comparisons to other social media platforms, such as TikTok, whenever possible to demonstrate the effectiveness of your proposed strategies. The product roadmap should be clear, detailed, and easy to follow and should include specific milestones and timelines for implementation.

17. Business communication

Please compose an email requesting that a specific group of people act more quickly on an important matter. Provide context for the urgency and be specific about what actions need to be taken. Emphasize the importance of expediting the process and achieving the desired outcomes. Ensure that the email includes a clear subject line and a professional tone.

urgent email

ChatGPT prompts for health and fitness

Always ensure you verify all health-related information provided by ChatGPT to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

18. ChatGPT as your fitness instructor

I want you to act as a yoga instructor and describe six yoga poses or stretches that are safe and effective for people of all ages. Please ensure that the poses are suitable for individuals of different fitness levels and experience with yoga. Provide clear instructions on how to perform each pose, along with any modifications or adjustments that may be needed. It is important that the poses are safe and effective for all ages.

19. ChatGPT as your personal nutrition expert

As a nutrition expert, suggest ten diverse and delicious dishes that are healthy, satisfying, and don’t exceed 1500 calories per day. Include a variety of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats. Provide clear instructions, ingredients, and nutritional information for each dish.

chatgbt prompts calories

20. Managing health conditions

What are some tips for dining out or attending social events for people with diabetes? Include advice on making healthier food choices, portion control, and communicating dietary needs to others.

21. Understanding health issues better as a caregiver

How can regular exercise and stress management techniques contribute to improved thyroid health? Please provide examples of effective workouts and stress-reduction practices.

Unleashing the power of ChatGPT for optimal results

Prompts are the key to unlocking the full potential of ChatGPT and other similar large-language model chatbots. You can guide these bots to generate more accurate and relevant responses by providing clear and concise input. Whether you’re using ChatGPT for research, content creation, or customer support, mastering the art of crafting effective prompts can make all the difference in achieving optimal results. Make sure you are as specific as possible, clarify intent and context, and use a step-by-step approach where possible. With a little practice and a touch of logical thinking, you can gain a lot from minimal effort with this technology.

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