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7 Best Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Wallets in 2024

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St. Kitts and Nevis legalized Bitcoin Cash as a legal tender under Prime Minister Terrance Drew in March 2023. A Bitcoin Cash wallet is essential for those considering stocking up on BCH to capitalize on this potential. This article explores the best Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallets in the crypto market, what users need to know about each top wallet in 2024, and which platform best fits them.


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What are the best Bitcoin Cash wallets?

1. Ledger Nano S Plus (hardware wallet)

Ledger Nano S Plus is a hardware wallet that looks like a USB stick. Although it is small — 21 grams in weight — it’s quite powerful, particularly when combined with Ledger’s software, Ledger Live. With the two, users can manage more than 5,500 crypto assets, store and manage NFTs, interact with DeFi, buy crypto, swap digital assets, and track crypto prices. 

You can install approximately 100 apps on your hardware wallet through Ledger Live. The hardware wallet stores the private keys of your crypto assets offline, keeping them safe from online attacks. Ledger Nano S Plus is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android.


  • Private keys are stored offline.
  • The wallet offers the choice to secure your device with a pin code.


  • You have to update your device’s firmware.
  • The application requires users to be familiar with the concept of hardware wallets.

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2. Trezor Model One (hardware wallet)


  • The wallet has taproot support, which enhances the privacy of BTC transactions. 
  • There is cold storage.
  • You can add a pin code up to 50 digits long to secure your assets.
  • The application has a live chat.


  • Doesn’t support DeFi and NFTs.
  • No mobile compatibility at the time of writing.

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3. Guarda (desktop & mobile)

Guarda is suitable for anyone that wants a multi-coin crypto wallet. It supports over 400,000 digital assets while allowing users to buy, exchange, stake, and set up multi-signatures. Guarda is compatible with Windows, Ubuntu, macOS, Linux, Debian, Android, and iOS.


  • A wide range of coins is available.
  • It’s compatible with a lot of devices.
  • Users can connect Guarda to a Ledger hardware wallet.


  • High in-wallet crypto purchase fees.

4. (mobile wallet) is a mobile crypto wallet that allows investors to store their BCH. The wallet also features buy, sell, swap, send, and receive features. Users that want to stay up to date with market data and news can use the tracking feature on the app. Moreover, users can create saving and spending wallets for their crypto assets and include personal notes in their transactions.


  • Live chat customer assistance is available.
  • It’s a beginner-friendly wallet.
  • The wallet has a wealth of helpful knowledge articles.
  • Cloud backup is integrated into the app.


  • Only available as a mobile app.
  • Supports a few coins.

5. Electron Cash (desktop & mobile wallet)

Electron Cash is a Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) wallet for storing BCH. SPV refers to a lightweight client that enables users to view if a transaction is on the blockchain without having to download the entire blockchain. This wallet also allows users to switch their assets to cold storage and set up the requirement to enter two or more signatures before making transactions. Electron Cash works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.


  • It’s a lightweight wallet.
  • Has the option to move coins in cold storage. 
  • Allows for a multi-sig setup.
  • Works on multiple devices.


  • Does not have an on-site live chat for customer support.
  • It only supports BCH.

6. Cash Address (paper wallet)

Cash Address is a website where you can generate a BCH wallet and print it on paper. These wallets are referred to as so-called paper wallets. You can also add a layer of security to your paper wallet by including BIP38 encryption. This means that a passphrase is required to keep your BCH secure.

Cash Address Wallet
Cash Address wallet generator:


  • You can create other different wallets besides a paper wallet.
  • Simple to create.


  • Paper isn’t durable.
  • It demands extra caution to avoid accidentally exposing your private key.

7. Coinomi (desktop & mobile wallet)

Coinomi is a BCH wallet that supports a range of cryptocurrencies and tokens. Besides storing digital currencies, users can swap coins, interact with DeFi protocols, store NFTs, buy crypto, and send and receive digital assets. Coinomi is compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.


  • The wallet has a live chat.
  • There is multi-coin support.
  • It is DeFi and NFT compatible.
  • SegWit supports BTC, LTC, and other coins with this capability.


  • The app is buggy sometimes.

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency that was created through a Bitcoin hard fork in the summer of 2017.

The group behind the split wanted to increase Bitcoin’s block size to allow for more transactions to be processed per second — at least, that was the plan. Not everyone in the community agreed with the move. So, upgrading Bitcoin did not work out. Instead, BCH was formed as a new blockchain. The Bitcoin Cash network supports 32MB blocks compared to Bitcoin’s 1MB. Roger Ver is one of the most notable Bitcoin Cash supporters.

The Bitcoin Cash blockchain underwent further hard forks after splitting from Bitcoin. In November 2018, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) forked from Bitcoin Cash. Another hard fork followed in November 2020, where the blockchain split into Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) and Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA). BCHN was renamed to Bitcoin Cash and retained the ticker symbol BCH.

The Bitcoin Cash network offers fast transactions and allows users to send money globally at a low cost. It supports NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications through its sidechain, SmartBCH. The project’s sidechain was launched in June 2021. 

While Bitcoin Cash differs from Bitcoin in various ways, they share the same supply limit, hash function, and consensus mechanism. That means Bitcoin Cash has a supply limit of 21 million, its hash function is SHA-256, and it uses the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism to secure its chain.

What is a Bitcoin Cash wallet?

Bitcoin Cash Price
Bitcoin Cash wallets: Bitcoin Cash

A Bitcoin Cash wallet is a piece of software (sometimes coupled with hardware) that stores users’ public and private keys. This allows users access to their BCH and facilitates the sending and receiving of the coin.

A public key is the wallet address a user can share to receive BCH. Conversely, a private key gives a user access to their BCH. This key needs to be kept confidential to project one’s BCH. That means users should store it safely to avoid losing their coins forever. 

A Bitcoin Cash wallet can be a software or hardware wallet. Software crypto wallets are accessible via desktop, mobile phone apps, websites, and browser extensions. On the contrary, hardware wallets mainly exist as  USB-like devices or might look like credit cards. Software wallets generally store digital assets online (hot storage). In contrast, hardware wallets store crypto assets offline (cold storage). 

Also, crypto wallets are categorized as custodial or non-custodial. A custodial wallet is what you get when you open an account on a centralized crypto exchange or service provider. The exchange holds the private keys of its users’ wallets, which means it controls their assets. Conversely, a non-custodial crypto wallet is any software or hardware wallet built by a wallet provider where users hold their private keys. That means they have 100% control over their crypto assets at any time.

How to create a Bitcoin Cash wallet address

Creating a Bitcoin Cash wallet address is straightforward. You only need an internet connection and a mobile phone or computer. Here’s a step-by-step process using the non-custodial wallet from, though the process is similar for most other BCH-supporting software wallets. Download the wallet on your Android or iOS device. Here’s how to get started: 

1. Open the wallet Once the application has been installed on your device. Select “Create new wallet” to get a new crypto wallet.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet 1

2. If you have one already, tap the “Import Wallet” button. will create several wallets for you, including BCH.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet 2

3. Tap the settings icon and select “Backup & Security” to secure your private key (aka seed phrase).

Bitcoin Cash Wallet 3

4. Next, choose either cloud or manual backup. Manual backup is recommended if you don’t want to store your private key on online cloud storage services like Google Drive and iCloud.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet 4

5. If you choose manual backup, write down the BCH wallet’s seed phrase on a piece of paper and store it in a safe place, such as a bedroom safe.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet 5

6. To get your BCH wallet address, tap the home icon.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet 6

7. Go to your BCH wallet and tap the “Receive’ button.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet 7

8. You can now view your BCH wallet address, which you can copy to receive BCH from an exchange account or any other sending party.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet 8

Which type of Bitcoin Cash wallet is suitable for you? 

Choosing the right wallet depends on specific factors like crypto experience and investment amount. First-time users looking to purchase or store a small amount of BCH may opt for a mobile or web wallet that offers a good balance of safety and user-friendliness. Conversely, experienced users might prefer a hardware wallet for enhanced security. Ultimately, it’s essential to conduct your own research to find the wallet that best meets your needs and lifestyle.

Top Bitcoin Cash wallets compared

WalletCompatibilityCostStorage typeSupported CoinsFunctionsCustomer Support
Bitcoin.comiOS/AndroidFreeHotBCH + 5 others, including popular ERC-20 tokensStore/buy/sell/swap/track/send/receiveLive chat/knowledge based articles
Electron CashWindows/macOS/Linux/Android/iOsFreeHot & ColdBCHStore/send/receive/multi-sigSocial media
Ledger Nano S PlusWindows/macOS/Android/Linux$79ColdBCH + over 5,000 digital assetsStore/send/receive/swap/track/buyLive chat/knowledge base articles
Cash AddressFreeColdBCHStore/send/receive 
WH CypherChrome extensionFreeHotBCH plus about 9 other coins as well as ERC20 and BNB Smart Chain tokensStore/send/receive/multi-sigFAQ/contact form
CoinomiWindows/macOS/Android/iOS/LinuxFreeHotBCH and 50+ other assets Store/send/receive/deFi/NFTsLive chat/knowledge base articles
TrezorWindows/macOS/Linux/Web$59-$169ColdBCH and more than 1280 additional coinsStore/send/receive/swap/buy/taprootLive chat/knowledge base articles
Coinbase WalletAndroid/iOS/Chrome extensionFreeHotHundred of thousands, including BCHStore/send/receive/swap/buy/bridgeLive chat/FAQ/phone
GuardaWindows/macOS/Linux/Ubuntu/Debian/Android/iOsFreeHotMore than 400K assets, including BCHStore/send/receive/swap/buy/stakeLive chat/knowledge-based articles

Choose your Bitcoin Cash wallet with care

The market has many non-custodial BCH wallets for users to choose from, but it all comes down to preference. The best Bitcoin Cash wallet for you will depend on personal criteria. Whatever your taste, caution is the number one requirement for anyone considering downloading or investing in a new wallet. Always keep in mind that you’re the only one that is ultimately responsible for your assets. Therefore, you should always take the security of your private keys very seriously. 

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