Amp (AMP) Price Prediction 2023/2025/2030

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Amp, as a crypto project, tries to solve a genuine problem. It offers verifiable collateralization instantly, allowing chains to recognize value transfers immediately. Simply put, Amp helps you generate a collateral receipt that is credible and recognized across chains. But is the Amp token, AMP, a good investment? To find out, this AMP price prediction model embarks on detailed technical analysis and considers network and social growth and financial and on-chain metrics.

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Amp price prediction and fundamental analysis

Amp offers “Collateral-as-a-Service.” It does nothing fancy and promises nothing that’s far-reaching. Instead, by guaranteeing value, it helps you collateralize any type of asset exchange — fiat, crypto, property, and more. At present, users can collateralize the likes of DOGE, LINK, DAI, USDC, XTZ, BCH, and more using AMP — the native token of the Amp ecosystem

But that’s not all you need to know about Amp. 

Amp investors: Messari
Amp investors: Messari
  1. Flexa — a popular payments network — is already using Amp for loan collateralization via a “Capacity Contract.”
  2. Pantera Capital is one of the project’s lead investors.
  3. Users can stake AMP — the native token for lending assurance to the concerned projects.
  4. Once it grows, the AMP token can act as collateral for DeFi projects, payment networks, and individual requirements.
AMP website slogan: AMPToken
AMP website slogan: AMPToken


As a user, you can deploy AMP for collateral verification via staking. The ERC-20 compatibility shows that it is built on Ethereum. The token comes with a supply cap of 100 billion. And the allocation only assigns 20% of the fixed supply to the token sales, which has been unlocked as of now. Here is the supply curve that gives a fair idea about the allocation:

liquid supply curve
AMP price prediction and liquid supply: Messari

Currently, the circulating supply makes up 42% of the total supply. Also, with the overall supply being 100 billion, Amp’s only chance at scarcity would be rocketing network adoption. Once more people start using Amp, they will lock more AMP and help put a tab on the overall supply.

AMP price forecast and the role of on-chain, financial, and social metrics

Firstly, look at the Sharpe ratio of AMP, where anything above 3 is good. The current figure stands at almost 12. This clearly indicates that the crypto market rally of January 2023 has positively impacted the price robustness of AMP. Even though the price action hasn’t responded yet, we might see some price-specific positivity at AMP’s counter soon.

AMP price prediction and Sharpe Ratio: Messari
AMP price prediction and Sharpe Ratio: Messari

Another positive sign would be the gradual 90-day increase in the number of unique addresses holding AMP. While this development lends optimism to the price action, it might also mean network adoption is starting to look up. The only concern is the top 100 AMP token holders managing over 91% of assets.

address growth
AMP price prediction and address growth: CoinMarketCap

Network and social growth

If you look at the network growth chart, the peak made on Nov. 13, 2022, is easily identifiable. This might be due to the growing popularity of DeFi amid the FTX contagion, which exposed more crypto users to Amp. As of December 2022, the Network growth was slowly trying to move up, forming a higher high of sorts. And during January 2022, AMP’s prices have increased by almost 20%. 

AMP price prediction and network growth: Santiment
AMP price prediction and network growth: Santiment

Regarding social metrics, especially Twitter, Q4 2022 has been very good for AMP. Twitter followers have surged, and so have the prices. Therefore, keeping an eye on social followers is a good way to gauge a potential price move.

twitter followers
AMP token and Twitter followers: Messari

Here is the Twitter profile:

AMP price prediction and technical analysis

The on-chain and financial metrics illustrate an optimistic outlook for AMP. But nothing beats using historical data and working on technical analysis using price charts. This approach will help locate price patterns, indicating future AMP price paths.

Our price predictions usually rely on weekly charts to look at long-term trends for any digital asset. However, we will use the daily chart for AMP and look at the short-term historical data first. 

AMP price prediction and daily chart: TradingView
AMP price prediction and daily chart: TradingView

Once we have the short-term AMP price prediction, we can use this to revisit the weekly chart and make conclusive data-backed assumptions. Here is the short-term price chart.

AMP price prediction chart
AMP short-term price prediction: TradingView

Short-term price move

The current price of AMP seems to have broken out of the falling wedge pattern. It is trading at $0.004 and seems to have a strong resistance zone waiting for it at $0.0047. But does AMP have enough legs to breach this resistance amid the rallying crypto market?

Firstly, the RSI is making a higher low, whereas the prices are forming lower lows. This is a clear bullish divergence. This might try and push the prices higher. However, as the RSI is in the overbought zone — close to 75 — we expect some consolidation or sideways movement before the rally resumes.

Now let’s consider moving average indicators. The red line, or the 50-day moving average, is still moving under the green line, or the 100-day moving average. However, the distance between them is decreasing. If the red line crosses above the green line, the prices should rally for a while, making the resistance zone of $0.0047 and even $0.00618 fairly attainable.

Weekly chart and pattern identification

The daily chart of AMP shows considerable strength for it to reach $0.00618. If the AMP price reaches this zone, we can consider it a high as per the weekly pattern.

AMP price prediction and important points: TradingView
AMP price prediction and important points: TradingView

Therefore, we can clearly see the emerging pattern. The weekly chart of AMP starts with a high and makes a few lower highs before starting to trade in a range. And if the high of $0.00618 is reached, we can consider this as a high, which could kickstart the old pattern in reverse. Therefore, we can assume the weekly AMP chart is making a foldback pattern with the lower high formation to be repeated as a higher high formation. 

This might be the formation we are looking at:

AMP price prediction and possible pattern: TradingView
AMP price prediction and possible pattern: TradingView

Price changes

Now let us mark all the important points on the weekly chart, highs and lows included, to find the next set of highs and lows for AMP. 

AMP price prediction and low-to-high points: TradingView
AMP price prediction and low-to-high points: TradingView

As per the assumptions and bar pattern, we expect the price of AMP to follow the path from Q to A. Therefore, we should trace the price changes and distance between the points in reverse — from Q to E — including the low-to-high and high-to-low formations.

AMP price prediction and high-to-low points: TradingView
AMP price prediction table
AMP price prediction tables: TradingView

The low-to-high average price change percentage and distance are 316.86% and 88 days. For the sake of safety, we can take the maximum distance as 259 days and the minimum price increase percentage as 77.01% — data from table 1.

The high-to-low average price change percentage and distance are 44.147% and 28 days. The maximum distance and the lowest price change percentage would be 42 days and 28.41%, respectively — data from table 2.

Amp (AMP) price prediction 2023

Outlook: Moderately bullish

Keeping the current crypto market conditions in mind, you can draw a forecast line from Q to E1, keeping the lowest percentage gain in mind — 77.01%. The timeline can still be 88 days, as per the average distance from table 1. 

AMP price prediction 2023: TradingView
AMP price prediction 2023: TradingView

Therefore, the next high surfaces at $0.00532 in March 2023. If you go back to our short-term price prediction chart from earlier, this level is higher than the immediate resistance of $0.004, putting AMP in an uptrend.

Data from table 2 suggests that a drop from this point or E1, under strong market conditions, could take the maximum time of 42 days and surface only 28.41% lower. This puts the AMP price prediction 2023 low at $0.00383. 

Projected ROI from the current level: 32.30%

Amp (AMP) price prediction 2025

Outlook: Moderately bullish

Now we have the 2023 high and low we can extrapolate the same using the table data to locate the 2024 levels.

From O1, a minimum percentage hike of 77.01% can take the maximum number of days — 259 days as post the rally; we can expect a correction at AMP’s counter. This assumption puts the 2024 high or D1 at $0.00678. The drop can again be a mere 28.41% in 42 days as AMP has a strong resistance-turned-support at $0.0047. The price prediction low for 2024 can therefore surface at $0.00487.

AMP price prediction 2025
AMP price prediction 2025: TradingView

By this time, we can see AMP forming higher highs and higher lows, finalizing the uptrend. Therefore, the next high could adhere to the average low-to-high formation peak of 316.86%. The timeframe could be higher than 259 days, depending on the current state of the crypto market. Overall, the 316.86% growth might as well appear by early 2025. 

Therefore, the AMP price prediction for 2025 puts the high at $0.0206. The low price prediction for 2025 can also adhere to the average percentage drop of 44.147% — as there might be some profit booking post the 2025 highs. Therefore, the minimum price prediction for 2025 surfaces at $0.01129.

Projected ROI from the current level: 412%

Amp (AMP) price prediction 2030

Outlook: Bullish

After a rallying year of price gain, there is usually a cool-off year in sight. Therefore, for 2026, we expect AMP to increase by a minimum percentage of 225.23% — the second lowest percentage spike from table 1. Just like the price prediction for 2025, we can expect this price prediction level to surface in 2026 for the sake of better calculations.

AMP price prediction 2026: TradingView
AMP price prediction 2026: TradingView

This level surfaces at $0.0367, somewhere in early 2026. Now, if we use the Fibonacci indicator, with the 2026 high and 2025 low, we can project the path to 2030. 

AMP price prediction 2030: TradingView

Assuming that the price of AMP keeps growing as per the forecast, we can expect it to go as high as $0.1729 by the end of 2030. However, for this AMP may have to breach its previous all-time high price of $0.1211 by late 2029 or latest, by mid-2030.

The previous all-time high could act as the support line for AMP in case you are looking at the minimum price prediction level for 2030. 

Projected ROI from the current level: 4201%

Amp (AMP’s) long-term price prediction (up to 2035)

Outlook: Bullish

While the historical data and technical analysis return the AMP token price projections till 2030, we can always use the table to check for the prices till 2035. However, in any given year, the average price of AMP would depend on the crypto market conditions, trading volume levels, market cap, and even on-chain metrics. Therefore, every price point should be treated more like a ballpark instead of an absolute figure.

price prediction table 3

Is the AMP price prediction accurate?

This AMP price prediction model takes both long-term and short-term technical analysis into consideration. Plus, we have analyzed fundamentals and key on-chain and social metrics to draw projections. We do still urge potential investors to look closely at AMP’s market cap and trading volume at every given instant before making investment decisions. A spike or a dip in trading activity and market cap can have a surprising impact on the prices of digital assets, AMP included. 

Frequently asked questions

What will AMP be worth in 2025?

Our AMP price prediction model puts the AMP token price at $0.0206 in 2025. For AMP to achieve this kind of pricing, it is important for the network and social adoption to grow. Also, from the current levels, the expected price in 2025 stands at a 412% ROI, making AMP one of the better investment options.

Does Amp crypto have a future?

With DeFi becoming bigger with each passing day, collateralization is expected to mature, making Amp even more popular. As Amp is dedicated to verifying collateral via staking, we can expect the project and its native token to show more strength as and when tokenized payments and DeFi adoption become mainstream. Plus, the AMP price prediction model also hints at decent opportunities for growth.

Can an AMP reach 1 dollar?

It can be pretty difficult for AMP to reach $1, especially in the near term. If you go by our AMP price prediction model, you can see the maximum price in 2030 to reach close to 17 cents by 2023. Therefore, if the same price growth is maintained, a level of $1 might be possible by 2040.

How high can AMP coin go?

Over the next two years, AMP token has the potential to reach 2 cents. However, the AMP price prediction for 2030 happens to be the highlight, as we can see it go as high as 17.2 cents over time. By 2040, the price of $1 can also be possible, provided the market cap, trading volume, and on-chain indicators permit the surge.

Who owns AMP crypto?

Flexa, a well-known payments network, is the parent firm behind AMP. Flexa is one of the more well-established payment systems in the U.S. and even Canada. Amp is the project that handles payments collateralization for Flexa, helping create a smart contract-driven, verifiable ecosystem.


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