Headline Bitcoin supporter John McAfee is again taking shots at the US government. He claims that if authorities keep harassing him, he will ‘bury them’ and expose their corruption in a massive information leak.

John McAfee is a prominent (although unreliable) voice in the cryptocurrency space. He’s been known for posting non-sensical tweets, dubiously promoting cryptocurrencies, and famously saying that he would ‘eat his d*ck’ if Bitcoin does not hit $1M in 2020. However, he’s recently become embroiled in an investigation by the US government which seems to be serious.

More McAfee Mischief

In the past month, McAfee has disappeared from public view with many speculating he was arrested. Others believed he was on the run in the Bahamas. However, McAfee has come out swinging in the past few days with a few incendiary tweets.

McAfee said that if he is not left alone, he will unload his treasure trove of documents to the public exposing corruption within the US state. He already posted the name of a ‘corrupt CIA agent and two Bahamian officials’ who are alleged to have taken bribes and been involved in drug trafficking. He released this information to prove he was serious.

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He then went on to tweet that he had some ’31 terabytes’ of incriminating information, and all of it would be released if he for whatever reason ‘disappeared.’

A Target, A Plot

He elaborated that the authorities were attempting to cook up fake charges against him, including murder, racketeering, and money-laundering to extradite him from the Bahamas. McAfee said that the last attempt to do so failed. “The US Government has never faced a foe like me before,” McAfee said, promising to “suffer this onslaught no longer.”

McAfee believes he is being targetted for not only being a controversial voice but for refusing to pay his tax returns. He admits he has not filed his taxes in eight years after making millions off Bitcoin and his McAfee AntiVirus software.

In January, McAfee announced he was running for president ‘while in exile.’ Given the ongoing federal pressure, it looks like he won’t be able to campaign after all.

Is McAfee making all of this up or is there really a target on his head? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.