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ETF Tracking Jim Cramer’s Stock Picks Liquidated in Six Months

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In Brief

  • The Long Cramer Tracker ETF, tracking Jim Cramer's stock picks, liquidates just six months after its launch.
  • Despite amassing only $1.3 million in assets, LJIM’s key holdings included Nvidia, Wells Fargo, and Oracle.
  • Tuttle Capital launched LJIM aiming for dialogue with Cramer, but CNBC and Cramer remained unresponsive.
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The Long Cramer Tracker ETF, LJIM, is set to cease trading operations on September 11, following a short stretch post its inception. Having emerged with a promise to track the stock selections of CNBC anchor Jim Cramer, renowned for his “Mad Money” show, the ETF’s rapid descent leaves financial enthusiasts speculating.

The narrative emphasizes a timeless investment principle: always do thorough research.

Jim Cramer’s Stock Picks ETF Liquidated

Despite the initial traction surrounding its launch, the Long Cramer Tracker ETF managed to amass only $1.3 million in assets. At the time of writing, it charted a loss of 0.9% since its March debut. Key holdings within this portfolio encompassed names such as Nvidia Corp., Wells Fargo & Co., and Oracle Corp.

In contrast, the Inverse Cramer Tracker ETF (SJIM), which trades against Cramer’s stock picks, remains in circulation. Still, its performance lags behind LJIM, with a dip of 3.9%.

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LJIM and SJIM ETF Performance.
LJIM and SJIM ETF Performance. Source: TradingView

What is intriguing is the rationale behind this sudden decision. Tuttle Capital Management’s CEO, Matt Tuttle, the brainchild behind LJIM, launched the ETF with the dual intent of following Cramer’s stock picks and sparking a dialogue with him.

“We started LJIM in order to facilitate a conversation with Jim Cramer around his stock picks. Unfortunately, Mr. Cramer and CNBC have been unwilling to engage in dialogue and instead have chosen to ignore the funds,” Tuttle pointed out in a press release.

The shuttering of LJIM brings to the fore several pivotal insights. Firstly, the volatile nature of financial markets makes it imperative for investors to approach new ETFs cautiously. Even though tracking reputed personalities like Cramer might sound promising, performance cannot be solely hinged on endorsements.

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Further, it underscores the significance of maintaining diversity in one’s investment portfolio. While LJIM may have kept pace with industry averages, solely riding on the waves of a TV anchor’s recommendations may not always guarantee success.

It serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of financial markets and the importance of diversified investments.

Lessons Crypto Traders Can Learn

The swift descent of the Long Cramer Tracker ETF offers invaluable insights for traditional and crypto traders. Here’s a breakdown of the critical takeaways crypto enthusiasts can glean from this event.

  • Beware of Celebrity Endorsements: Just as the LJIM was built around Jim Cramer’s stock selections, the crypto industry has seen numerous coins and tokens receiving boosts from celebrity endorsements. While such endorsements can lead to short-term price spikes, they do not guarantee long-term value or stability. Traders should be wary of investing based on celebrity hype alone.
  • Diversify: One of the oldest investing principles is diversifying one’s portfolio. The same applies to cryptocurrency, much like how LJIM primarily tracked Cramer’s picks. Relying heavily on a single crypto asset can be risky. Diversifying holdings can mitigate potential losses and provide more stable returns.
  • Engage in Thorough Research: While LJIM aimed to initiate a dialogue with Cramer, crypto traders should continually engage with the broader crypto community, staying updated with news and researching tokens before investing.
  • Avoid Emotional Trading: Launching LJIM seemed partly rooted in drawing attention and engagement from a prominent figure like Cramer. Emotional decisions, whether spurred by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), celebrity endorsements, or potential short-term gains, can often lead to unfavorable outcomes. Objective, data-driven decision-making is key.
  • Stay Vigilant with New Offerings: Just as new ETFs emerge, the crypto market frequently sees the launch of new altcoins. While some offer genuine value, others could be fleeting opportunities banking on short-lived hype. Therefore, it is crucial to approach new offerings with a healthy degree of skepticism and due diligence.

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For investors, this incident serves as a lesson. While enticing, the allure of star power must be weighed against tangible metrics and long-term viability. The liquidation of LJIM emphasizes the volatility and unpredictability of financial markets. Therefore, due diligence remains the cornerstone of sound investing.

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