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Japan-based NFT Marketplace “tomonity” Set To Launch on IOST

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Updated by Shilpa Lama
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Japanese web application developer Omochi has announced its pre-registration of “tomonity” NFT marketplace on the IOST blockchain. 

Tomonity’s unique benefits for its users include free transactions & a built-in wallet that eliminates the pain of creating and importing a crypto wallet for new users. 

Register by April 30, 2022, 23:59 (JST) to stand a chance at winning Premium tomonity NFT. 

Free transactions for users on tomonity platform 

Leveraging on the IOST’s unique consensus mechanism Proof of Believability, tomonity makes it free to transact by covering the cost of transactions that occurred by the users. 

Besides the low cost of transactions on IOST, the tomonity team also takes advantage of IOST’s technical superiority. These include:

  • Writing to the blockchain can be reflected within a few seconds thanks to the IOST’s high transaction processing speed of up to 8000 TPS 
  • IOST smart contract, JavaScript-based programing language is flexible and free
  • Developers can easily and securely write a processing program on purchasing assets with the original token (in-game currency).

Users-friendly built-in wallet

To ease the barrier to entry, especially by artists and users with little to no background in crypto and blockchain, the tomonity team introduced a dedicated wallet that is automatically granted upon registration as a user. 

With a built-in wallet on tomonity, users can rest assured that they do not need a specific wallet for crypto assets, thus enjoying a break from going through the daunting process of creating and learning about wallets.

Tomonity will also provide a game API to service providers operating blockchain games that handle NFT items, allowing them to trade and buy and sell NFTs within the game.

Limited NFT gifts for pre-registered users

  • 100 pre-registered users can win Premium tomonity NFT by lottery.
  • Those who missed the lottery will also receive an official NFT.
  • Register by April 30, 2022, 23:59 (JST)

Register here

About Omochi Inc.

Omochi provides web application development/system development, specialized in web media management services and also are engaged in the fashion business.

About IOST

High fees and slower transaction times on the Ethereum network have left the door open for new solutions to emerge, and IOST is one such project that has been gaining traction since its main launch in 2019.

Backed by major financial and VC firms such as Sequoia, Matrix, and ZhenFund, IOST is a pioneering decentralized, high-throughput, gas-efficient Proof-of-Believability-powered smart contract platform built to tackle the scalability trilemma once and for all.

For this, the concluding ranking from China’s CCID ranked IOST as the best blockchain platform under Basic Technology, better than Ethereum, EOS, and every other smart-contracting platform evaluated by the agency.

This is a testament to the quality and ability to roll out a better, innovative product and reflective of our true desire to be the best in the sphere.

Being one of the public chain leaders in terms of adoption, performance, and utility, IOST remains committed to our mission to unleash the power of blockchain.

IOST currently has an ever-expanding 500,000 community members in over 20 countries, over 400 nodes, a top staking economy, symbiotic relationships with corporations dotted worldwide.

If you would like to hang out with the IOST community on chat, social media, or to discuss product development, we have something for everyone:

Telegram | Announcement | Twitter | Japan Twitter | Korea Twitter | CEO Twitter | Developer Community | Facebook | LinkedIn | Medium


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