Godex.io is a crypto exchange with more than 210 listed coins that users can trade securely and anonymously along with a range of other perks. We recently got together with the Godex team to learn more about the platform and how it stands out from competitors.

Here’s a brief snippet from the conversation:

How and why did you decide to launch an exchange?

Godex: The number of crypto exchanges and stocks amounts to many hundreds and they have their own rules, problems, and peculiarities, and the rate of the same currencies can differ quite significantly. Before launching Godex.io we started scrutinizing the business requirements. Numerous surveys show that the main criteria by which crypto traders search for the exchange services are the following: rates, transaction speed, and service reliability. So, we decided to create the service that we wanted for ourselves which would be simple, fast, and reliable.

We love blockchain and support the spirit of absolute privacy, thus our clients are not required to provide any personal data, accounts, or registrations and all transaction data is wiped from the server weekly.

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We are a team of industrialists who believe in the crypto economy. Our goal is to provide services to crypto fans and share our expertise since we want the transactions with crypto coins to be comprehensive and transparent for young traders as well as for advanced ones and to help simplify and improve crypto cooperations, regardless of their level of experience.

Every client of the crypto exchange wants to withdraw the funds quickly and safely without paying extra money, so our team invested into the Godex.io platform to implement the features which would meet the highest client’s expectations.

Taking into account the nature of the crypto market, we rejected the idea of collecting and keeping the clients’ personal information. Our team pays huge attention to the subject of financial secrecy. Moreover, our policy minimizes the risks of hacker attacks and information disclosure as sensitive information can not be obtained from our platform.

What does your team look like?

Godex: We have a multinational team of like-minded persons, so-called crypto fans, who are united by the common idea of entering into the market with a high-quality exchanger. As of today, our team consists of professionals from the USA, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, and Estonia.

We are quite autonomous in making decisions, solving the problems, but we are regularly arranging brainstorms and market researches in order to track and follow the trends to provide the best quality service to our customers.

We provide top-level qualified and fast responding technical assistance which is available 24\7.

Where is your company registered, and where does it operate from?

Godex: Our company was registered in Italy, but our team is multinational and it consists of professional experts from countries of Europe and the US.

Why should customers choose your platform among many others, especially established ones? Why should they trust you with their transactions?

Godex: Godex.io is different from many other crypto exchanges in many aspects. Launching the exchanger, we wanted to create a super cool product that would have satisfied us first of all. Using Godex.io our users have an assortment of more than 210 coins which number is constantly growing. Our goal is not to focus on the super digital coins, but to deal with interesting perspective projects.

Being inspired by the primary concept of digital coins, we believe that anonymity is an inalienable right of our users that is why there is no client registration or personal data provision on Godex.io.

The service reliability is based on the modern security protocols and physical protection for the servers.
On our crypto exchange customers are secured from the market highs and lows getting the fixed exchange rate that will stay unchanged until the completion of transactions. Plus, we do not set an upper limit on the exchange amounts.

We also launched Godex.io mobile application for IOS and Android in order to provide our customers with quick access to cryptocurrency rates from any smart device for quick and profitable exchange transactions in the event of rate fluctuations.

Could you explain in simple terms how it actually works?

Godex: Sure, we built the process of exchange very convenient and fast for our clients.

Just go to our official website and on the main page the first thing you will see is two fields: “You send” and “You get”. Use the convenient selectors of the available crypto coins on the right side of each field and choose the crypto pair and push the “Exchange” button. Then you will be asked to provide your crypto wallet number on the relevant field.

Visit the website of a cryptocurrency you want to get after the exchange and create a wallet getting the unique combination of numbers that you just need to paste into the appropriate field on our site. Then we will create a unique deposit address for you.

As it was already mentioned above on our crypto exchange customers are protected from the market highs and lows and get the fixed exchange rate that will stay unchanged until the completion of transactions, therefore, let Godex.io search for the best rates on the market for you and provide you with the best on-the-fly exchange experience.

That’s all! You can view the results in detail on the “Completed” page.

Сold haul!

Are there any limitations on your platform? (on who can use it/the volume of transaction/geographical location)?

Godex: Who even made these limits? There are no exchange volume ceilings on Godex.io. You can easily swap as many coins as you desire.

Are there any interesting trends (in your users’ behavior) you’ve noticed that you can share with us? Any changes during COVID, protests in the US, recent explosion in Beirut etc.?

Godex: There is no doubt that today COVID-19 is one of the most discussed issues affecting almost all areas of business, and the crypto sphere is not an exception. While all the world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic by taking all possible measures including the closure of the borders and introduction of quarantines, the stock market is showing volatility. The crypto market and stock market have close relations with each other.

The coronavirus has negatively affected absolutely all markets, so, it is not a big surprise that the crypto market suffered from the global panic and investors started selling crypto coins massively. During the self-isolation regime, we noted a substantial increase in customers` activity and in the number of registrations.

If we talk about the reaction of the crypto market to the coronavirus, then we can distinguish two trends: some want to make money on the panic and the fall of the cryptocurrency, the latter is trying to help normalize the situation. Obviously, cryptocurrency gets over the crisis easier than fiat money.

Over the week, the Bitcoin lost more than 15% in price dropping to $ 9.88 thousand. Other leading digital currencies have also lost in value. The second most popular crypto coin in the world, Ethereum, has fallen in price by 28% over the week, approaching $ 348. The decline in the cryptocurrency market comes amid a sell-off of the shares in the US IT sector which began last week.

In addition to global factors and serious changes in the financial system, local events often affect the rates of digital money inside this or that country but they are temporary and do not affect the cryptocurrency rates outside a particular country. Therefore, until the situation in the world is getting more stable, there are no fundamental changes to expect.