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Celebrating 5 Years of BeInCrypto: the Journey, the Milestones, and the Future

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In Brief

  • BeInCrypto celebrates its 5th anniversary with a unique NFT collection, in collaboration with 14 artists, each representing a domain.
  • Our Zealy Sprint campaign allows users to earn exclusive NFTs by answering daily questions and climbing the leaderboard.
  • Other mini-campaigns offer users a chance to win up to $50 USDT and a CV Review Consultation with a BeInCrypto HR Expert.
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It feels like yesterday when we embarked on this incredible journey called BeInCrypto. The nostalgia is real on the cusp of celebrating our fifth birthday on Sept. 14. But more than that, the excitement for the future has never been this palpable.

Our Humble Beginnings

It was a simple idea – to provide genuine, authentic, and timely information in the world of cryptocurrency. Fast-forward to now, we’ve successfully created a global platform available in 14 languages and domains, each catering to a unique audience. Our reach has been international, from English to French, Portuguese to Korean.

Our achievements, as of 2023, speak for themselves:

  • 5 Million Monthly Active Users
  • 14 Unique Languages and Domains
  • 20 Million Strong Community Across All Channels
  • 2 Million Followers on Social Media
  • Over 500,000 Email Subscribers
  • 55% Organic Traffic

The Special NFT Collection: Art Meets Crypto

As part of our fifth anniversary celebrations, we’re introducing an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT) collection. But this isn’t just any collection; it’s a unique marriage of art and crypto. We’ve partnered with 14 exceptional artists, each representing our 14 domains. Their task? To create culturally rich art pieces and resonate with their domain’s audience.

But there’s more:

  • Each of the 14 artists will produce artworks unique to their domain. Each art piece will be minted as 714 editions of the original, amounting to a total of 714 NFT artworks per artist.
  • The NFT collection will comprise 9,996 exclusive NFTs.
  • Artists will receive 6% from secondary market sales, and NFT holders can anticipate exclusive drops and offers from our partners – the world is our oyster!

Earn Exclusive BeInCrypto NFTs through Zealy Sprint!

BeInCrypto has collaborated with Zealy for an exciting sprint campaign. New tasks will be uploaded daily on Zealy, allowing you to earn experience points (XP) and climb the leaderboard. You inch closer to owning one of our exclusive NFTs with each job you complete.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Engage in Zealy Sprint and answer a daily question to increase your XP.
  • Aim to rank in the top 9996 users on the leaderboard.
  • Hit milestone rewards at 10 and 20 questions to unlock the OKX NFT and POAP, respectively.
  • Secure your position by completing 30 questions and stand a chance to get your hands on a legendary BeInCrypto NFT.

That’s not all! Watch for flash XP boosts throughout the month to skyrocket your XP. A snapshot will be taken by the end of September, and the top 9996 users will receive an exclusive BeInCrypto NFT airdropped straight to their registered wallets.

Excited? Begin your journey towards earning these rare NFTs. Jump into the Zealy Sprint Dashboard now!

Engage, Compete, and Win with Our Birthday Mini-Campaigns!

A celebration at BeInCrypto is synonymous with excitement, interaction, and rewarding for our dedicated community. Dive into our line-up of mini-campaigns and grab your chance to win:

  • Instagram Campaign (Sept. 4 – 21): Share your birthday wishes for BeInCrypto in your native language! Post a story with “Happy Birthday BeInCrypto,” tag us, and you could win $50 USDT!
  • TikTok Campaign (Sept. 8 – 14): Are you familiar with BeInCrypto’s illustrious journey? Guess the years of our significant milestones, and two lucky winners will bag $50 USDT each.
  • Twitter Campaign (Sept. 15 – 21): Go down memory lane and caption some of our most cherished BeInCrypto moments. Your creative captions could earn you $50 USDT!
  • All Platforms Campaign (Sept. 22 – 30): Here’s a challenge for storytellers! Engage in our story completion task, and two individuals with the most engaging tales will be rewarded with $50 USDT each.

But that’s not all! Other exciting birthday campaigns include the chance to win a CV Review Consultation with a BeInCrypto HR Expert. So, please keep your eyes peeled on our channels and engage actively!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the essence of BeInCrypto’s NFT collection?

It’s our way of marrying art with crypto to offer our community unique digital assets that reflect our journey and the essence of our diverse domains.

How can one participate in the mini-campaigns?

It’s simple! Follow the guidelines in the Mini-Campaigns section, engage actively, and remember to use the hashtag #BeInCryptoTurns5.

What rewards await in the mini-campaigns?

Rewards primarily come in USDT, with winners standing a chance to earn up to $50 USDT in various campaigns.

How can I secure one of BeInCrypto’s NFTs?

Engage in the Zealy sprint, answer questions daily, and climb the leaderboard. The more milestones you achieve, the more your chances to win an exclusive NFT increase.

Our five-year journey has been spectacular, and it wouldn’t have been possible without our dedicated community. As we step into the future, we promise to keep the flame of authenticity, accuracy, and passion burning. Here’s to many more years of crypto, blockchain, and BeInCrypto!

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