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FlatQube Review: Crypto Exchange with Some of the Highest APRs in the Industry

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2022 became a real challenge for the cryptocurrency industry, with leading assets falling and massive projects and empires being destroyed. We all recall the collapse of Terra, the bankruptcy of Sam Bankman Fried’s companies, and the subsequent market chaos. 

However, despite the prolonged crypto winter, a lot of experts and users are still bullish on bitcoin and think that the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies will flourish and become integral to the economic systems of the future. 

The sentiment in the industry seems to be coalescing into widespread distrust in major centralized platforms and a belief that current conditions are a storm that can be weathered. The question is, though, how to best make it through the market’s current slump. 

With faith in centralized institutions at an all-time low, one sector that has enjoyed something of a revitalization is DeFi. Users that have been disappointed in the failure of CEXes to live up to their promises have joined purists and skeptics that have always been against the conjugation of traditional finance with the technology that was originally launched in response to the former’s failings. 

Those who have taken the plunge into DeFi have found a burgeoning industry full of opportunities and risks. What’s more, careful navigators have found that the right DeFi projects represent the best places to not only wait out the market’s current troubled waters but to earn and make the most out of the situation. 

FlatQube offers a potential path forward

One of the DeFi ecosystems experiencing an influx of users recently has been that of the Everscale network. Everscale has established itself over the past couple of years as one of Asia’s premier blockchains, primarily by virtue of its ability to scale to any load required of it, and the impressive DeFi platforms that have been built around it. 

One of those platforms is FlatQube, a DEX powered by the Broxus development team, which has been responsible for the creation and deployment of a majority of the Everscale ecosystem’s offerings.  In addition to swapping assets, users can take advantage of the numerous farming and staking opportunities on the platform with some of the highest APR rates in the industry.

Did you know?

Вest Features on FlatQube 

Stable pairs 

Today, given the bear market conditions, progressive drops in investment prices, and the collapse of the largest players in the crypto industry, people are afraid to risk their assets. In this case, stablecoins designed to maintain their price pegs no matter what’s going on in the crypto market or broader economy become a favored safe haven among crypto users to shield their holdings from market volatility

Entering into a stable pair, users do not lose anything and even get the opportunity to gradually earn and increase the profitability of their pools by voting on the DAO, for example. FlatQube offers users some of the highest APR rates — for the USDT-USDC pair, rates may reach between 29% and 75% depending on DAO voting. 

Yield farming 

FlatQube offers a unique yield farming and aggregation tool with an active development team working on new strategies to earn users higher yields all the time. 

FlatQube works as a DAO, so the management of the earning mechanisms on the platform has actually passed to its users — liquidity providers and QUBE holders. With the help of voting, users are able not only to influence the governance of the network but also to manage the profitability of FlatQube farming. 

Every two weeks, the DAO coordinates the awards that are paid out in QUBE, the platform’s native governance token, for the farming pools participating in the voting. The pool with the highest number of votes receives the highest awards in the next farming period.

If users do not want to hold a token to participate in the life of the community, they can boost their farming to maximize their income. By placing LP tokens in farming, users can lock them for any period up to two years. The longer users keep their tokens in the pool, the higher their APR. The maximum farming boost is x1.5 of the nominal APR when locking LP tokens for two years.

In order for users to visually see how Boosted Farming works, the FlatQube team has developed the Farming Boost Calculator. It is a built-in interface on FlatQube that allows users to assess potential farming profits in an understandable way. 

Use the Farming Boost Calculator
  1. You can use the Farming Boost Calculator here!


When users stake with depools, they can get the most out of a pool’s APR. However, profitability changes depending on the amount of liquidity and the number of users staking. The rates fluctuate daily and depending on how long you lock your tokens for, you could end up getting much less back than you initially imagined. stEVER tokens drastically reduce this risk with the help of a balancer mechanism. 

It is designed to keep the APR as high as possible. To do so, the balancer manages stake distribution between depool contracts. It ensures that the rounds are not overloaded and that pools work at peak efficiency.

Liquid staking is a new method of income accrual for EVER token holders. With it, you no longer have to lock in tokens for a specific period of time in order to receive rewards. Turning on to the liquid staking option, you can do both at once. 

Namely, stake EVER, receive stEVER (staked EVER) tokens in return, and participate in DeFi to generate additional yields or in the EVER DAO to vote on proposals.


Besides the typical two-token pools, FlatQube also provides N-pools. They can include three or even more tokens, allowing users to collect all their liquidity into one pool. This makes the choice of a pool for investment easier and, at the same time, reduces the slippage rate.

Safety First

The key to all of this working is that it is all user-controlled; users choose the duration of how long their assets will be locked into farming pools and have control over platform governance. 

Farming on FlatQube is available in user wallets, meaning that assets do not have to be turned over to a third party and no one has to take a leap of faith when participating, which has proven to be crucial given recent events. 

Of course, FlatQube is not the only platform offering advantageous farming opportunities at the present, but its model has turned heads, particularly now, as a potential path forward out of the dark forest that the industry finds itself in. 

The current crisis of faith is likely to reshape the cryptocurrency space profoundly. Still, if it is going to have a sustainable future, it will have to make good on what drew people to it in the first place, namely its potential as a vehicle for economic reform. 


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