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Flare Network Partners With Global Esports Federation

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In Brief

  • Esports and blockchain collide in a new agreement.
  • The Ripple ecosystem’s Flare Network expands its reach.
  • The link between crypto, esports, and gaming grows tighter.
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The Flare Network and Global Esports Federation teamed up in a new agreement, which will utilize blockchain technology in future endeavors. 

In an announcement earlier today, the Global Esports Federation (GEF) brought on Flare Networks as a Global Partner in Blockchain Ecosystems. Together the pair plans to create a pathway for a future that utilizes emerging technology. The partnership brings the world of esports closer to its inevitable crypto enhancement.

Global Esports Federation Board Member and Chair of Finance Adrian F. praised the partnership for its innovation and the broadening of possibilities for both companies. “ This global partnership with Flare Networks will help the GEF, our Members and Partners, light the way for our community to engage with blockchain.”

This is a big step for the esports company as it expands to connect the world via esports. The partnership with Flare Networks, allows GEF to connect with a scalable blockchain that is decentralized with a low carbon footprint. 

Flare Networks operates through the Ripple (XRP) ecosystem. 

Decentralized technology finds a home in Esports 

It’s been a long-standing idea in the crypto space that gaming will be a breakthrough medium to introduce blockchain technology to a wider audience. 

Other gaming platforms are utilizing blockchain and crypto-based innovations to bring their platforms into the emerging tech age. DApp platform Polygon recently created Polygon Studio  – an entire new division focused on gaming and NFTs. The new division seeks bring together Web 2 and Web 3 gaming. 

At the moment a large portion of blockchain-based gaming occurs on the Ethereum blockchain. However, EOS and TRON  have a small but growing gaming community as well. Most notably on the Ethereum blockchain is CryptoKitties, which is one of the first games to utilize the technology. 

As esports continues to grow in popularity and gaming-focused platforms incorporate blockchain, it’s only a matter of time before these two worlds are inextricably linked.


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