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ETH Denver Top Builders Base by Supermoon, Cointelegraph, NDC, Horizen, & Conflux

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Supermoon, alongside Cointelegraph Accelerator, NDC, Horizen, Conflux, and OORT, will welcome 500+ builders & founders at BUIDL HOUSE event during EthDenver 2024! 

This three-day open house event, located only five minutes from the Eth Denver conference, will run from February 29 to March 2. It is set to be the biggest networking gathering for Builders and Founders in Denver. 

Each day will start with a daily Builders Brunch followed by roundtable discussions, talks, hacking, and VC office hours. The agenda is packed with web3 insights from leading companies including Gumi Cryptos, Fabric Ventures, Near Protocol, NDC, Horizen Labs, Conflux, OORT, U-Hack, QuillAudits, Filecoin, and more. 

Feb 29 will feature Web3 Builders Day with Horizen. Starting with a discussion around monolithic vs modular blockchain systems, Web3 unicorns, growth marketing and product showcases among other topics. Horizen will also offer special bounties for builders hacking at the BUIDL HOUSE.

Mar 1 will feature DAOs & Community Day with Near Digital Collective (NDC). Roundtable discussions, AMA sessions, and more with special guests from NDC, Near Foundation, Jutsu, Octopus, Ample Protocol, Shard Dog, Fabric Ventures, Sweat Economy and more. Later in the day, NDC will host a live Q&A with the community discussing governance, DAOs, and community voting.

Mar 2, Builders Day with Conflux alongside U-Hack. This day will bring some of the most discussed topics including Chain Abstraction, Crypto & AI, Interoperability, Infrastructure, and more. Special guests include Cambridge Blockchain Society, Halborn, LayerZero, PTH, Particle Network, CBS, Witnet, and others.

About Event Hosts & Partners:

  • Supermoon is a community of 18,000+ founders, builders, & investors which helps startups to grow and scale.
  • Cointelegraph Accelerator provides media, marketing, and mentorship support to accelerate the growth of Web3 startups.
  • Near Digital Collective (NDC) is a Grassroots Movement, led by the NEAR Community to create Decentralized Web 3.0 Governance on NEAR.
  • Horizen is a zero-knowledge enabled network of blockchains.
  • Conflux enables creators, communities, and markets to connect across borders and protocols

Great news for all builders as QuillAudits and Horizen will provide $60,000+ in grants and bounties for attending teams. 

For more information and to apply to be part of Supermoon’s Open House, visit: website

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