Electronic Arts Tweets: ‘Invest in Crypto’

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Big-time game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) has tweeted “invest in Crypto” seemingly out of the blue. The strange tweet is, however, a promotion for the new season of its hit game, Apex Legends Season 3.

Most took the tweet to mean cryptocurrencies or at least played along with the joke. EA definitely knew the double-meaning, though, since they were actually promoting a new contender to Apex Legends called ‘Crypto.’

In a follow-up reply tweet, EA retweeted a promotional video by the game’s official Twitter account about Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown! which features a character named “Crypto.” He is a new contender in the game’s arena, set for release on October 1st.

Still, the language EA employed in its tweet by using the word ‘invest’ was not by accident. The response was overwhelmingly cryptocurrency-related, some taking it even as a hint that EA may be looking into the blockchain industry more closely.

Even Binance got in on the joke, responding with a GIF to affirm the reference.

The blockchain industry has long been eyeing the gaming world as the sector most likely to be disrupted by the technology. This is because most multiplayer games today have digital collectibles or currency built into the mechanics of the game. This means they are well-suited for tokenization and leveraging blockchain technology’s promise most directly. There has actually been considerable overlap between cryptocurrency investors and gamers for some time.

So no, EA is likely not releasing anything blockchain-related nor do they have some cryptocurrency release planned. They were purely provoking us before the release of a new game. Still, at least we can now be sure that cryptocurrency is on the minds of some within the company.

Do you think that major companies like EA are lagging behind startups in the blockchain gaming world? Will we ever see EA jump into the cryptocurrency industry? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments. 

Images are courtesy of Twitter, Shutterstock.

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