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Is Edward Snowden the Anonymous Bitcoin Time Traveler?

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Updated by Adam James
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Amid Bitcoin’s best few days in months, infamous security expert Edward Snowden took to Twitter with a reference to an anonymous Bitcoin price prediction that would see the market reach $16,000 by October’s end. This led to rampant excitement and speculation that perhaps Snowden himself had been behind the original prognosis.
On Saturday, Bitcoin’s value rose all the way to $10,500, reigniting excitement in a price prediction that most had pretty much written off as being impossible in the current market. Specifically, this prediction came from the notorious image-board 4chan and, while the first two divined prices did prove accurate, the next one predicting $16,000 in October is beginning to look highly unlikely.

However, as Bitcoin was showing serious momentum yesterday, Edward Snowden cryptically posted to Twitter the same image that was attached to the original prediction.

Twitter Rallies Around Snowden Prediction

This immediately caused many to respond with enthusiasm and support. Snowden seemed to be alluding to the idea that maybe this price forecast still had some life in it. To be clear, Snowden said literally nothing, so all speculation came from those responding. Some even went so far as to imply that just maybe the notorious whistle-blower was behind the original prophecy, seeing as it was anonymous.

Market Still Not Supporting the Prediction

Despite all the fun, the truth is that even with yesterday’s pump, Bitcoin reaching $16,000 before November is an extremely tall order. It would give the currency only three days to almost double in value. As BeInCrypto has already noted, a rise like this may not be technically impossible, but such an increase in this small amount of time has only occurred at the peak of a parabolic bull run, which we are clearly not at right now. Considering that after touching on $10,500, Bitcoin has slid back to around $9,700, this scenario now seems quite far away. Most certainly Snowden was just having a bit of fun, as it is more than likely that he monitors the value of Bitcoin and is aware of the prediction. Nonetheless, if this premonition should play out in less than three days, Twitter will certainly take a second look at whether Edward Snowden knew more than he was letting on all along.
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