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Draper University Announces Blockchain Hero Training Program

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Updated by Kyle Baird
Draper University, a school created by famed venture capitalist and tech billionaire Tim Draper, has announced the second year of its newest training program, aimed at fast-tracking the process of developing a start-up down to just seven weeks.
Tim Draper, who recently predicted Bitcoin would ride out the tough 2018 to eventually reach $250,000 by 2022, is famously bullish on cryptocurrency and has even gone so far to say that cryptocurrencies will overtake fiat within just five to seven years. Draper is well known for his activity in the space, reportedly making large investments in more than a few blockchain-based projects and firms, including VeChain, Tezos, Tron Labs, and a recent $1.25 million investment in OpenNode, the world’s first lightning enabled Bitcoin payment processor. Draper University was initially established in 2012 by Tim Draper, following the conversion of what was previously the Hotel Benjamin Franklin into the university building. The hotel, which Draper purchased a year prior, the hotel was worth an estimated $2.5 million at the time of purchase. The university currently offers two different programs targeted to entrepreneurs, each of which is five to seven weeks long. The pre-accelerator program focuses on the major groundbreaking innovations of 2018 and beyond, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, and longevity technology. The program is designed to promote creativity, innovation, and leadership in its participants and begins in May 2019. business start-up

A Hero in Training

The second and most recent entrepreneurial program offered by the university is simply known as Hero Training, aiming to help participants develop an idea from the ground up and to be ready to pitch to a panel of venture investors at the end of the program. Fees for the program are $12,000, though the university does offer financial aid and scholarships for suitable candidates. According to the sample schedule, the program promises to be a fully immersive experience and is comprised of eight separate modules. Each module is designed to build on the core skill set of an effective entrepreneur and covers the following areas; Vision and Future, Creativity, Evangelism, Technology, Speed & Strength, Money & Resources, and Brilliance. Interestingly, the sixth module of the course is simply named “Survival,” requiring only that users survive for a week in order to pass the module. The final module of the course requires that participants conquer their fears, learn to network and pitch their idea to a room full of investors! The entry requirements for the program appear relatively lax, with application questions requiring applicants to write a business pitch, explain why they were put on this Earth and describe the biggest problem the world is currently facing. After applying, suitable candidates will be invited to complete a 15-minute Skype interview to finalize their application. Besides programs for Entrepreneurs, the university also offers a five-day intensive course for corporate executives, helping them to organize and execute a blockchain strategy for their own industry. The executive blockchain program costs between $9,500 and $11,000 depending on how early application is made. Do you think that blockchain courses are a worthy investment? Do they hold as much academic merit as a traditional degree or internship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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