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Digital Currency Group (DCG) Clarifies Financial Position, Reveals $2B Loan

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In Brief

  • Digital Currency Group revealed that it has a $2 billion liability, most of it is owed to Genesis.
  • Ram Ahluwalia said the firm likely used its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust holdings as collateral for the loans.
  • He added that DCG is unlikely to become bankrupt despite the losses.
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Digital Currency Group (DCG) has published a letter to investors clarifying its financial standing while also showing the web of intercompany loans between it and its subsidiary Genesis Global Capital.

The crypto conglomerate disclosed that it currently has about $2 billion in debt, most of which are intercompany loans.

The loans are $575 million due in 2023 and another $1.1 billion promissory note due in 2032 to Genesis. The company also got a credit facility worth $350 million from a group led by Eldridge. 

Diving deeper into the state of things at DCG, CEO of Lumida Wealth Ram Ahluwalia explained what the investors’ letter revealed about DCG’s financials.

DCG Likely Used GBTC as Collateral

Ahluwalia said DCG likely used its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) holdings as collateral to get the first loan from Genesis.

The company bought $778 million of GBTC shares between march 2021 and June 2022, hoping that the net asset value would close. It got funding from Genesis Lending for these purchases.

How 3AC’s Implosion Affected DCG, Genesis

But with the Three Arrows Capital (3AC) implosion in June 2022, DCG had to buy its GBTC. Unfortunately, 3AC also acquired GBTC shares, with Genesis Lending financing the deal. 

The NAV decline was part of what contributed to the 3AC implosion, and it also meant that the bankrupt hedge fund did not have collateral to cover its loan from Genesis. In fact, there was a $462 million shortfall.

In order to prevent Genesis Lending from becoming insolvent, DCG stepped in. It also took control of some, if not all, of 3AC’s GBTC shares.

All these patterns suggest that DCG overleveraged on GBTC, and with the discount widening, it has been difficult for the company to deleverage. 

However, it has been doing that through earnings and could also sell its GBTC holdings. But the company will incur significant realized losses if it chooses to sell. The average price it paid for the shares is $24, which is currently trading at $9.

Digital Currency Group (DCG) Connection with Genesis
DCG, 3AC, Genesis Connection (Source: Ram Ahluwalia)

DCG Remains Strong

Ahluwalia noted that despite these challenges, DCG is strong enough to absorb the losses, which means it is unlikely to become bankrupt. But he pointed out that the company would have to raise fresh equity soon enough and hope that Bitcoin’s value does not drop further.

Meanwhile, the DCG situation further shows how interconnected the crypto industry is financially and the need for regulation to ensure more transparency.

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