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Dash Platform Seeks to Become a Decentralized Cloud

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In Brief

  • A new Dash network layer called Dash Platform is set to enable users make Dash transactions with each other without cryptographic addresses.
  • Dash Platform also has ambitions of diversifying out of payments and becoming a "decentralized cloud" ecosystem.
  • The new development possibilities and transaction experience potentially open up crypto to a whole new range of less tech-savvy users.
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Dash Platform, a new Dash network layer, is set to improve the experience of crypto transactions on the network and expand the overall utility of the Dash ecosystem, according to a press release shared with BeInCrypto on Sept. 18. Among other things, Dash Platform will host a DApp development hub and a storage mechanism drive. Speaking in a previous exclusive interview with BeInCrypto, Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor revealed that Dash Platform will remove the need for cryptographic address in Dash transactions. It instead incorporates blockchain identities and usernames that can be used to send and receive funds.

Blockchain Identities and Usernames

Crypto transactions typically involve long cryptographic addresses that come with the implicit risks of loss and theft. A single mistake in a transaction address can result in permanent loss of funds, and text addresses are also at risk of being stolen by email hackers who can then divert funds. With usernames on Dash Platform, it will be possible to connect with other Dash users using the socially familiar “friend request” format. Users who are connected this way may then transact without having to use addresses. The company believes that this will both encourage crypto adoption among less tech-savvy users and reduce the implicit security risk of hackers stealing addresses. In the release, Taylor said that the functionality allows for this data to be synced across all user devices:
“It […] allows that data to sync across all your devices. So I can have the same user account on my tablet as I have on my desktop or my mobile phone. If I create a friend request on one of those devices, it should sync across all of them.”

Dash Platform’s DApp Development Potential

There are currently a number of closed wallet ecosystems that allow for username-based transactions such as and Edge Wallet. However, the team behind Dash Platform claimed it will be the first ever decentralized blockchain solution that enables username-based transactions without incorporating third-party services. Using its planned Decentralized API (DAP) and storage mechanism drive, this would reportedly mean that Dash could then offer an almost unlimited opportunity to host decentralized applications on the network. Summing up his vision for what Dash Platform will mean for the Dash network, Taylor said that the industry will see “an explosion of use-cases and easy integration of new merchants.”


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