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Cryptomus Officially Records Over 100,000 Transactions

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Cryptomus has officially recorded more than 100,000 transactions to date on its platform as it looks to become a top location for making crypto and blockchain-based payments.

The platform makes it easy to get involved with crypto by offering many different cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, TRX, and more.

This is because all the customers have to do in order to start using the cryptocurrency payment processor’s services is sign up using either their email address or phone number.

Payment links can also be generated without the need to have a website and the API can be connected to them for added functionality.

There is no KYC procedure involved and no intermediaries looming around to interfere with either or any website requirement.

What is Cryptomus offering?

Cryptomus aims to be among the top gateways for online payment and e-commerce, offering very low transaction fees and commissions which begin at 0.4%, depending on the turnover.

Numerous businesses and projects will find it easy to incorporate Cryptomus’ payment and merchant services for their respective platforms.

Cryptomus also prioritizes customer safety via a flexible two-factor authentication and tracking system along with autoconversion capabilities which help fight back against volatility.

A cryptocurrency payment platform is also usually only as useful as the number of different kinds of customers that it can cater to, and so the Cryptomus team has made sure that all types of customers are provided for and their differing needs are satisfactorily met.

Cryptomus also welcomes feedback as it is a great way of knowing what aspects the customers like and which ones require improvement.

Another important aspect of Cryptomus is that cryptocurrency payments can be accepted by anyone without any geographical restrictions and that the platform is also useful for the purposes of storing funds since it acts as a secure crypto wallet.

In addition, Cryptomus provides an easy-to-understand and innovative user interface that is optimized for all devices. If there is any issue, a dependable and fast-acting support team is there to assist at all times.

Perhaps most importantly though, Cryptomus’ most attractive feature, apart from being able to make very fast crypto payments, is the anonymity factor.

Users will never have to worry about any regulatory or third party interfering with the platform nor shall their funds ever be frozen.

Put simply, the customers are always in charge of their own funds and the platform will also never act on the users’ behalf, thereby granting control back to the customers and contributing to true decentralization.

Is Cryptomus safe?

Safety is one of if not the most crucial aspects when it comes to crypto. As such, Cryptomus relies on blockchain technology which is widely considered to be both reliable and transparent.

When it comes to payment processing, Cryptomus aims to be a top cryptocurrency payment gateway not only because of the variety of digital assets that it supports but also due to its reliable and tested security measures.

Aside from the aforementioned two-factor authentication, Cryptomus allows users to enable ‘authorized addresses’ for withdrawals in their personal accounts.

By doing so, the platform bolsters security even further by ensuring that only authorized and verified addresses are used and that withdrawals are never made to prohibited addresses.

About Cryptomus

Cryptomus functions as a payment processor and crypto wallet. It allows users to sign up using only their phone number or email in addition to offering and maintaining its wide array of services and features.

Apart from generating payment links, the connection via API is also possible and assistance shall be provided by Cryptomus as well.

The goal is to make blockchain and crypto payment processing easier, as it can often be needlessly complex for many inexperienced investors and traders.

In terms of future plans, Cryptomus will incorporate effective widgets for the site, valuable statistics, auto-withdrawal and auto-split functionality, Telegram notifications, a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) exchange, fiat currency input and output, and much more to come.

Essentially, Cryptomus’ overall vision is to significantly simplify the process of crypto payments and make it accessible for everyone around the world, the importance of which cannot be understated given just how popular and mainstream cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have become over the years.

For more information and updates, follow their social media:

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