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Crypto Jobs: Which Country has the Most Cryptocurrency Positions?

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Updated by Dani Polo
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Crypto jobs: There is an increasing demand for workers with cryptocurrency skills. Here are the countries crying out for talent.

The boom in the cryptocurrency jobs market means there are more jobs that qualified talent. The industry is so new, that people have not had time to develop the skill sets needed. Java, Machine Learning, Python and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are all on the list of new skills to have under the belt, among others.

Crypto jobs: Countries in the lead

A new report by Small Business Prices has explored which countries which are the most advanced in relation to cryptocurrency and AI jobs.

1. United States

The USA sits at the number one spot with a total of 3,893 advertised job vacancies in the cryptocurrency field. A recent survey by Monster supports these findings. Data from the TalentNeuron tool, plus information from the technology company CEB found that jobs with the keywords cryptocurrency, blockchain or bitcoin have jumped by 194% annually.

As for which cities this is all happening in, the usual suspects appear.

-New York

-San Francisco

-Los Angeles

The top industries offering cryptocurrency jobs:

Internet and Technology

Banking and Financial Services

Computer Software and Hardware

Accounting and Legal

Private Security.

2. United Kingdom

The UK had the second-highest number of crypto jobs, with 954 roles available. The top 5 areas were:






The top industries in the UK for cryptocurrency jobs:

Internet and Technology

-Banking and Financial Services

-Computer Software and Hardware

-Information Technology

-Media and Publishing.

3. Canada

In third place is Canada, with 386 crypto positions. The top three cities:




The top industries offering crypto jobs:

-Internet and Technology

-Banking and Financial Services

-Computer Hardware & Software

-Information Technology

-Energy and Utilities.

4. Australia

Australia has 236 job vacancies in the cryptocurrency field. The top three cities:




The top industries offering crypto jobs:

Internet and Technology

Banking and Financial Services

Computer Hardware and Software

Accounting and Finance


5. South Africa

In fifth place is South Africa with 36 jobs. The top three cities:

-Cape Town



Top industries in South Africa:

Internet and Technology


Private Security

Information Technology

crypto jobs

Crypto jobs: AI is also booming

AI is also booming. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 31.4% increase in jobs for mathematical science professionals and data scientists by 2030.

Read the full report here.

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