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Crypto Credit Card For High Net Worth Individuals Has No Spending Limit

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Crypto Credit Card: A no-limit global crypto Visa card has been launched in UAE. If you are offensively rich and don’t mind handing over your crypto to back your claims of wealth, then this could be for you.

The VIP crypto credit card, called Bitcoinblack, will only be available to 10,000 members globally. The outfit launching it says the limitless spending facility on it will be secured by the holder’s crypto.

According to the sales patter, the card is a gateway to a world of luxury goods and services. So what are these wild promises? They seem pretty impressive if the company manages to deliver. The company are promising invitations to exclusive private events, access to 1,300 airport lounges around the world, plus charter deals with Momentum Private Jets. And, Bitcoinblack is building out their own Boeing jet named SPEND, which cardholders can board in 2023.

Crypto Credit Card For High Net Worth Individuals Has No Spending Limit

And let’s not forget, access to the Bitcoinblack Mansion in Turks and Caicos.

The mansion on offer. Credit.

No Spend Limit

The company says, “Members have a no spend limit wherever Visa is accepted globally, and they receive rewards of up to 10% back in exclusive $SPND tokens. The $SPND tokens can then be redeemed in bitcoinblack’s soon-to-launch Haute Living Luxury Marketplace, a curated online boutique that includes luxury watches, purses, cars, charter jet deals, private mansion access and more.”

The Haute Living Luxury Marketplace is a collab with Haute Living Magazine.

Kamal Hotchandini has the job title of ‘Chief Luxury Officer’ at Bitcoinblack. “We’re very excited because in addition to being able to spend rewards on incredible luxury items, the marketplace will also allow members to purchase experiences that our team at Haute Living Magazine have created exclusively for them. These are one-of-a-kind events not found anywhere else in the world.”

Crypto Credit Card For High Net Worth Individuals Has No Spending Limit

Crypto Credit Card Back Story

The company says that Bitcoinblack CEO Prakash Chand is a “seasoned Bitcoiner who first purchased the cryptocurrency in 2011.” He says he invested in Bitcoinblack after seeing a gap in the market for a crypto-powered premium card.

“People with incredible wealth in crypto needed a way to spend their crypto easily and be rewarded for it. Bitcoinblack is perfectly suited for high-net-worth individuals who want to use their crypto for business or pleasure wherever they are in the world, including the 140+ countries where Visa is accepted. All members need to do is simply load up their crypto through the web app or soon-to-come secure bitcoinblack wallet app, and they’re instantly empowered to spend their crypto with the best conversion rates and high limits.”

Cards are available by invitation only. Want to try to make the cut, richie-pants? Then click here.  

This could be the fanciest card ever offered to the wealthy. Or, the most exclusive rug pull on the planet. Either way, the story will get you a lot of mileage at the dinner-party table.

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