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Crypto Analyst Narrows Down Bull Market Strategies

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Updated by Ciaran Lyons
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In Brief

  • Deutscher's strategic plan readies investors for the crypto bull market, emphasizing watchlists and market understanding.
  • The crypto analyst recommends diversified crypto investments, favoring a market cap-based strategy for balanced risk.
  • He highlights the art of patience, guiding investors to select entry points wisely in the volatile crypto market.
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In a series of posts, Miles Deutscher outlines how investors at any experience level can ready themselves for an upcoming crypto bull market by actively formulating a strategic plan.

“Don’t worry, this current rally is nothing compared to what happens during peak bull,” he stated.

Crypto Analyst Advises Creating a Watchlist Ahead of Bull Market

Deutscher advises his followers to create a watchlist of their existing crypto interests. Subsequently, he proposes developing an understanding of the present market phase and its position in relation to a crypto bull market.

“Firstly, where are we? I believe we’re still in an accumulation phase. We’re not at the bottom, but there’s also a LONG way to go to see out this cycle’s full potential. During this phase, the objective is to stack high-quality projects, taking advantage of dips.”

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He suggests that after creating a watchlist and grasping the market position, the next step is to initiate coin purchases. He advises opting for a diversified approach, either across sectors or market caps.

For instance, if you choose by sector, distribute your investment across Layer 1, Layer 2, AI, and gaming crypto coins. Nevertheless, Deutscher expresses a preference for a strategy based on market cap:

By market cap (this is my preferred method): Large Caps (40%) Mid Caps (30%) Small Caps (20%) Micro Caps (10%) The exact %s you assign will be determined by your risk tolerance/goals.

Deutcher Stresses the Importance of Patience in Crypto Purchases

From there, it is time to mark out your price entry points, according to Deutcher.

Miles Deutcher Trading View Image. Source: X
Miles Deutcher Trading View Image. Source: X

While Deutscher emphasizes the ideal scenario of buying at the green box level, he underscores the importance of identifying two additional support levels, represented by the yellow and red boxes on the graph.

As the age-old adage goes, patience is crucial, and the opportunity to profit lies in acquiring the asset rather than selling it.

“But for the majority of your capital, it’s best to employ patience and save accumulation for range lows. You’ll be surprised how many times you’ll get another nibble despite thinking you’ve missed the move.”

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