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This Content Creator Made $15,000 as Twitter Rolls Out Ad Revenue Sharing

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In Brief

  • Twitter introduces ad revenue sharing, with content creators like Ed Krassenstein earning up to $15,300 in a month.
  • Eligibility includes a Twitter Blue or 'Verified Organizations' subscription, 15 million post impressions, and 500+ followers.
  • The move sparks debate on its implications: fostering genuine journalism versus promoting heightened emotional content for engagement.
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Twitter’s recent announcement of sharing ad revenue has sent waves throughout the social media landscape. With some content creators earning as much as $15,000, it’s no surprise that the online community is abuzz with potential financial implications.

Ed Krassenstein, who pocketed $15,300 from Twitter Ad Revenue Sharing, was amazed at the potential of this new income stream.

Big Earner for First Round of Twitter Ad Revenue Sharing

“Another month, and another ad revenue share payment from Twitter/X. Imagine a future where journalists are all independent, getting paid directly for the stories they write,” Krassenstein said.

But Krassenstein also expressed reservations. He questioned if this would lead to a deluge of clickbait or usher in a new era of honest journalism.

Likewise, Brian Krassenstein was also among the big earners, amassing $12,632 in just a month. He advised content creators to “provide value and it will pay off.”

Meanwhile, Borovik.eth, who made $1,551.30 in total from Twitter in July, provided a breakdown, highlighting that $1,220.81 came from ad revenue and the rest from subscriptions.

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How Does Twitter Ad Revenue Sharing Work?

Launched earlier this year, the program permits certain users, especially those with the “Blue” or “Verified Organizations” subscription, to earn a portion of ad revenue generated from replies to their posts. Notably, this move came after Elon Musk’s acquisition and subsequent rebranding of Twitter to ‘X.’

The revenue sharing is extended to eligible X Premium subscribers based on certain criteria. This includes garnering at least 15 million impressions on their posts over the past three months.

Content creators aiming to be part of this lucrative initiative must adhere to a set of guidelines. These include having at least 500 followers and subscribing to Twitter Blue or Verified Organizations. Once deemed eligible, a Stripe account is essential for receiving payouts. Additionally, applicants undergo a review, ensuring compliance with Creator Subscription policies.

However, it’s essential to note that not all content is monetizable. Twitter announced it won’t consider content related to sex, pyramid schemes, violence, criminal activities, gambling, drugs, alcohol, and copyrighted material for monetization.

Amid the enthusiasm, there is also a voice of caution. The shift to revenue sharing might indeed inspire more conversation, but it might also lead to heightened emotional posts to drive engagement. As Farzad Mesbahi humorously noted on Twitter,

“The more haters you have in your replies, the more money you’ll make on Twitter.”

As Twitter, now X, opens up new frontiers of monetization, it’s a brave new world for content creators. While some, like the Krassensteins, are celebrating their windfalls, it remains to be seen if this model will lead to a more democratic digital landscape or simply a noisier one.

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