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Competitive Look At DeFi Yield Optimizer ETHA Lend

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ETHA Lend is a protocol-agnostic yield optimizer packed with features to efficiently interact universally with DeFi platforms. ETHA Lend launched its Mainnet on Polygon POS Chain on July 15, 2021.

“We algorithmically calculate when a liquidity provider supplies an asset through the protocol. Based on volatility, current yield, utilization rate, and supplied amount we optimize the asset allocation across protocols,” explains ETHA Lend.

ETHA Lend’s features

  • Gas optimization
  • User-based portfolio re-balancing
  • Interoperability
  • “My portfolio” page. This acts as an all-in-one dashboard and a holistic tool for efficient asset management
  • Yield earning in real-time

ETHA Lend’s products

700 times faster discovery algorithm

The discovery algorithm forms the basis for the protocol to abstract the complexity in DeFi, bring inclusiveness and provide algorithmically driven optimal yields. The discovery algorithm underwent an update and is 700 times faster than before.

How the discovery algorithm works

The algorithm factors in the past and present volatility of the assets present, past yields, the budget of asset supplied to calculate asset allocation in under a second. It calculates asset allocation for supply as large as 1 million U.S dollars, in under a second.


ETHA Lend currently has two eVaults that launched on the Mainnet: wETH eVault and wBTC eVault. Both use a unique stable asset strategy that protects the users’ assets from being subjected to high volatility.

How the wETH eVault works:

  • Users deposit stable assets, such as USDC/DAI/USDC, and are then rewarded in volatile assets like wETH and ETHA tokens.

How the wBTC eVault works:

  • Users deposit stable assets, such as USDC/DAI and rewards in volatile assets are recieved. These assets are wBTC and ETHA tokens.

Essentially, a user’s assets are exposed to volatile asset classes, while maintaining their principle in stable assets. This strategy protects the users’ assets from high volatility while still providing them the benefits of exposure.

Early user incentives

ETHA Lend is currently incentivizing early users who interact with one or both of the eVaults. Each eVault is paying out 500 ETHA tokens each day to the collective pool as well as with the APY in underlying volatile assets. These rewards are also available for users who invest in either of the four lending market pools too.

“The 500 ETHA tokens incentive is an opportunity worth considering as the APYs on the eVault are currently high, and the features are still unbanked,” says ETHA Lend.

Other features include:

These are essential and key to the protocol’s actual vision towards efficient yield optimization. ETHA Lend has plans to release more eVault strategies, like deposits in volatile assets, auto-compounding, and more. Find out more information on ETHA Lend’s features here.

Overview of ETHA Lend 


ETHA Lend is a composable and interoperable protocol and is powered by the Polygon network. Polygon lends the protocol scalability, access to a rapidly growing ecosystem, and Polygon’s near-zero gas fees.

“Launching on Polygon was a strategic decision to achieve maximum scalability and to offer users the benefit of near-zero gas fees while also leveraging Polygon’s growing ecosystem,” says ETHA Lend.

User experience

ETHA Lend has created a consensus-based community. The protocol utilizes its social media to reach out to its community for their input and then applies this to improving the overall user experience. This inclusive dynamic is definitely a factor worth highlighting. 

ETHA Lend plans to launch an extremely hybrid and responsive future governance mechanism for the community to participate in the future curation of the protocol.

ETHA token

ETHA is the utility and the future governance token of the protocol. All protocol rewards are offered in ETHA tokens. 

“$ETHA is the future governance and utility token with value accrual mechanisms to reward long-term liquidity providers through platform fees and discounts,” says ETHA Lend on its website.

Gas fee optimization through ETHA Lend smart wallet

ETHA Lend’s non-custodial smart wallet, a feature launched on the Mainnet, helps users to save on gas fees. ETHA Lend explains that, instead of using a transaction routing mechanism, the protocol engages directly with the smart contracts of the underlying assets.

For example, if someone needs a specific token for something that there isn’t a pair for, such as ETHA and WBTC. On Uniswap, the V2 router will swap ETHA into ETH or USDC then to WBTC. Gas fees with this type of transaction will be quite pricey.

What the ETHA smart wallet does differently is that it directly interacts with ETHA/ WBTC smart contracts. Here, the wallet will chain the various transactions (ETHA => USDC) and (USDC => WBTC), ultimately decreasing gas fees.

Essentially ETHA Lend batches the transactions by simply interacting with the underlying assets directly, so users save on gas fees.

At the core of ETHA Lend

  • Earnings in real-time: interest is paid in real-time and always compounding. There is also no lock-up period for withdrawal.
  • Portfolio rebalancing: users can optimize their asset allocation by rebalancing, which will improve their earnings.
  • Ultra-fast asset allocation: the protocol algorithmically optimizes yields on users’ assets across the broader DeFi markets and protects from hourly fluctuating APY.
  • Delegated accounts: Users can delegate their ETHA smart wallet to other addresses. Account delegation enhances accessibility. 

Competitive overview of core features 

Chain interoperability Asset allocation strategy Rebalance mechanisms Lock-up period Leverage credit delegation 
ETHA Lend 
Polygon (Ongoing plans for multi-chain ventures)
Risk-rewards allocation based on adjustable parameters Reactive to parameters No (yield earned in real-time)Yes
APY. Finance 
Ethereum APY manager adjust allocation and strategy iterationDepends on the withdrawal request NoNo
YOP. Finance 
Multichain which includes Ethereum Customized parameters on multiple protocols N/AN/ANo
Idle. Finance
EthereumMultipools (stablecoins only)Automatic rebalance supplemented by user proposal call YesNo
EthereumMultipools (risk-based)Based on collateralization and its changes YesNo 
The competitive overview can be accessed here.

ETHA Lend addresses shortfalls in DeFI

By launching the Mainnet on Polygon, ETHA Lend has better scalability, interoperability, and near zero gas fees. 

The Mainnet features are both exciting and innovative and have been developed to offer users an inclusive, simple, and rewarding DeFi yield optimization experience.

The ETHA Lend smart wallet represents the true philosophy of decentralization allowing users to have full control over their assets at all times, while also offering the exciting benefits of next-gen technological innovation. 

ETHA Lend’s core functions are indicative of the trailblazing nature of this protocol. Real-time earnings, no lock-up withdrawal period, improved earnings through automatic portfolio rebalancing, algorithmic asset allocation for high yields, and the ability to batch transactions through the smart wallet are the cherry on top of this innovative protocol.

The two eVaults, which both utilize a stable asset strategy to protect assets from high volatility, is another winning feature that sets this protocol apart from others. 

Here’s where to go for more on ETHA Lend: website, whitepaper, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Reddit.

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