Compass Mining Debuts Hardware to Mine Cryptocurrency at Home

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21 September 2021, 19:39 GMT+0000
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21 September 2021, 19:39 GMT+0000
In Brief
  • Compass Mining has launched a new service that allows individuals to buy cryptocurrency mining equipment for home use.
  • There are six different mining rigs to choose from, with hashrates ranging from 78 TH/s to 100 TH/s.
  • A bundle can also be purchased with six Antminer S19j Pro 100 TH rigs included.
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The new service, called At-Home Mining, is a direct-to-consumer feature allowing users to buy mining equipment for personal use. 

Compass Mining, the first marketplace for Bitcoin mining equipment, announced the launch of a new service called ‘At-Home-Mining.’ As the name implies, the service will allow for users of the marketplace to search for and order mining equipment that can be deployed in their own home. The direct-to-consumer addition will allow anyone to purchase machines and personally mine cryptocurrency. The service cuts out the need to pay facility fees by putting an ASIC mining rig inside your living room. 

While the mining of bitcoin was a process anyone with a home computer or laptop could handle quite easily, times have since changed. Over the years, mining has become its own multi-billion dollar industry dominated by large corporations using thousands of rigs. Most trying to mine on a small scale were eventually forced out due to premiums on both hardware and the cost of powering such an operation. Due to that shift, Compass Mining is trying to bring the ability to mine crypto back to individuals. 

“As Compass continues to expand the services we offer, we are actively looking to make bitcoin mining accessible for everyone,” states Compass Mining’s Chief Executive Officer, Whitney Gibbs. She goes on to say that “with At-Home Mining, we are bringing Bitcoin mining back to its roots. While industrial mining operations and retail miners primarily use Compass to help them secure space in one of our 23 hosting facilities around the world, we have found that there is significant interest from our customer base to set up operations in their own home.” Gibbs goes on to say that the new product gives miners increased flexibility in where to host their rigs. 

Mining equipment from Compass

According to Compass Mining’s website, there are two options when buying machines from the new service. Buyers can choose to either purchase rigs à la carte and have three options to choose from; the Whatsminer M31S+ for $8,100, the Whatsminer M30S for $9,750, and the Antminer S19 for $10,400.  

The other option is to purchase what the company refers to as its “mini bundle.” Included in the bundle are six Antminer S19j Pro rings with a hashrate of 100 TH/s. The first unit will arrive in February 2022 with each subsequent machine being delivered monthly until July 2022. Additionally, an all-in hosting fee of $0.059/kWh along with rack space in Nebraska is included. According to Compass Mining, “Each miner will have its own hosting contract starting from the day it starts mining, and the deposit for each miner will be returned after the 12-month hosting period is finished.”

The service is only available in the United States at this time, but the company has plans to extend into Canada and Europe. 

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