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Partnered Launches Staking Aggregator

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Coindeks is a new cryptocurrency platform that offers a bouquet of investment products. Its first product, a staking aggregator, will facilitate developments in blockchain technologies and the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. 

DeFi has created a more streamlined solution to the way people access financial services. The development is often seen as a disruptor to the traditional, centralized way of doing things. 

People are also able to utilize DeFi ​​to earn a passive income. Coindeks, a DeFi mining, and staking aggregator is one platform offering its customers just that. 

Coindeks platform and token

The products that make up the Coindeks platform are:

  • DeFi staking
  • A decentralized exchange
  • An NFT marketplace
  • A crypto lending platform

Currently, the only product available is DeFi staking. 

Having independent products within one platform and interconnected in a single ecosystem is massively beneficial to overall liquidity. 

“The presence of different products on the same platform ensures the stability of the system and guarantees users a stable income from different sources,” says Coindeks.

The products of the Coindeks ecosystem are connected by a single native token, called CRYTOKEN. The token is used to manage and disseminate income among the users. It is also a means for users to engage with the platform, encouraging them to participate in staking.

A perk for CRYTOKEN holders is that they will receive NFT cards as a form of a bonus. To ensure transparency and trust, smart contracts will control transfers and distributions within the ecosystem.

Coindeks explains on their website that the gradual development of the ecosystem will ultimately increase the platform’s liquidity.

“The team provided for the gradual development of the ecosystem in order to increase the liquidity of the platform as the ecosystem develops and new projects are launched into the system,” said Coindeks. “The more projects are launched into the system, the higher the liquidity and the higher the price of the CRYTOKEN, which combines all the products of the ecosystem into a single whole.”

Coindeks DeFi staking software 

The decentralized financial platform is registered in London and users can access the platform from anywhere in the world. 

The software that Coindeks developed monitors cryptocurrency stakings on all decentralized exchanges, including UniSwap, SushiSwp, UMA, and more. It will then add investor’s coins to liquidity pools and then distribute income.

It essentially tracks the assets that are most profitable on various exchanges, giving users the chance to earn maximum returns on liquidity pools. This means investors don’t need to manually check exchanges themselves. 

When the most profitable pools have been identified, the program will then make recommendations on where the user should invest their money. 

“We make staking simple, affordable, and as profitable as possible for users,” says Coindeks on their website. 

Coindeks roadmap 

In the future, Coindeks will launch its remaining products. Here is what users can expect.

Decentralized exchange 

The exchange will boast its own liquidity pool, with the option to connect other exchanges too. 

To provide traders with optimal trading opportunities, Coindeks will issue of their own USDR stablecoin.

“Creating an exchange within a holistic ecosystem will increase its liquidity and attract more users to the platform. All products located on the platform are available to all users of the platform,” says Coindeks.

NFT marketplace 

Users who utilize the DeFi staking product will receive NFT cards weekly, which are priced between $10 to $1,000.

Coindeks wants to encourage users to participate in staking before the launch of the NFT marketplace. When the marketplace launches, the users who participated in staking will then receive cards for the entire staking period.

Essentially, staking participants will earn even more money than those that don’t participate in staking because they will receive NFT cards as a bonus. 

Crypto lending platform

The Coindeks lending platform will draw liquidity from the DeFi exchange and the staking system. 

It will share a common user base with the exchange as well as the other products. 

The lending platform will be the second product to launch within the ecosystem.

“The launch of the lending platform is provided immediately after the launch of the staking system. Users of the staking system can take benefit of the advantages of the lending platform to get even more profit,” says Coindeks

The lending platform promises zero commissions. 

The Coindeks team

  • Co-founder: Jeffrey D Abbott
  • Founder: Edward Long
  • General Manager: Margaret Straley
  • Blockchain Developer: Sylvia Curry
  • Blockchain Developer: Christopher Jackson
  • Blockchain Developer: Reynold Parrish
  • Attorney: Tyrone Wood

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