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Rug Pull: Chibi Finance Users Lose Over $1M Worth of Crypto

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In Brief

  • Chibi Finance's rug pull steals $1 million + in users' crypto, deleting website and social media presence.
  • Crypto influencer faces backlash for promoting Chibi Finance, accused of receiving $2k in ETH.
  • Investors lost over $45 million to rug pulls in June, including $32M stolen by Morgan DF Fintoch project.
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A decentralized finance (DeFi) project on Arbitrum stole over $1 million in users’ funds. The team deleted their social media accounts and the official website. Hence, the community suspects a rug pull.

Investors seek quick returns by putting money into new projects, but various risks are involved with this approach. Some projects might lose the users’ funds to hacks due to security vulnerabilities in their smart contracts, while others might conduct rug pulls.

Chibi Finance Users Lost Over $1 Million

The blockchain security firm PeckShield reported that Chibi Finance stole over $1 million worth of users’ crypto. The developers conducted a rug pull by swapping the funds to 555 Ethereum (ETH) and bridging them from Arbitrum to the Ethereum chain.

Later the developers used Tornado Cash to funnel away the funds. They have also abandoned their social media presence, making it more difficult for the community to reach out and question them.

Such incidents when the core team of projects steals users’ funds and disables their online presence are called a rug pull.

Arbitrum-based Chibi Finance's deleted Twitter account
Chibi Finance’s deleted Twitter page. Source: Twitter

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Due to the rug pull, the native token of Chibi Finance, CHIBI, plummeted by over 99% on Tuesday.

CHIBI token crashes due to Chibi Finance rug pull
Chibi/USDC 1-day price chart. Source: DexScreener

Twitter Influencer Faces Backlash

A crypto influencer, “Defi_Mochi,” has been facing community backlash for writing a thread sponsored by Chibi Finance. The community claims the influencer received $2,000 in ETH for promoting the project.

However, the Twitter influencer did mention that he was writing a sponsored thread on June 20. After the reports of the rug pull, the influencer deleted their thread.

Thread on Chibi Finance by Defi_Mochi
Defi_Mochi faces community backlash for writing a thread sponsored by Chibi Finance. Source: Twitter

Although the community’s favorite influencers might promote projects, it is mainly the investors’ responsibility to do detailed research before investing their funds.

Investors might often make hasty decisions, and hence they are becoming frequent victims of rug pulls. BeInCrypto reported that users lost over $45 million to rug pulls last month.

One of the biggest contributors to the total stolen funds was the Morgan DF Fintoch project which stole over $32 million. It is worth mentioning that the project put an actor’s photo as the CEO on the official website. With some due diligence, the investors might have discovered this red flag.

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