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ChatGPT Was Asked to Make a Bitcoin Price Prediction: This Was the Result

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Translated Harsh Notariya
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In Brief

  • AI can do great things for students, web developers, and more, but the chatbot still has its own limitations.
  • ChatGPT is noticeably way behind the news of the last two years.
  • Similarly, trying to go into too much detail on a topic can be problematic for the chatbot.
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While ChatGPT’s merits are constantly touted, artificial intelligence (AI) has its own limits. These are some things that AI can’t do!

ChatGPT is capable of countless feats. However, while AI can achieve great things for students, web developers, and more, the chatbot has its own limitations.

In fact, there are certain things that AI cannot do. So let’s focus on three missions that the chatbot can’t accomplish!

Can ChatGPT Predict the Price of Bitcoin?

It was one of the main questions that users ask ChatGPT. In fact, while we are used to AI making our lives easier with solutions to all our problems, it cannot give us a Bitcoin price prediction.

Apart from price predictions, the chatbot cannot even give us the current price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other major altcoins. This is despite the fact that this information is not difficult to find on the Internet.

screenshot of ChatGPT's response to "what is the price of Bitcoin."
artificial intelligence (AI)
Source: ChatGPT discussion

Real-time information is a real problem for ChatGPT and is one of its main weaknesses.

Also, ChatGPT does not have the same ATH in mind as we do for Bitcoin. In fact, while Satoshi Nakamoto’s coin reached a record price in November 2021, the AI ​​only has April 2021 – the most recent source of reference.

screenshot of ChatGPT's response to "what is the all-time high of Bitcoin"
artificial intelligence (AI)
Source: ChatGPT discussion

The subsequent events are, therefore, a complete blur! And that’s a shame for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

How to Erase Bad Memories With ChatGPT?

Suppose discussions about the results of a sporting event bring back painful memories. Then, it is better to talk about that event with AI as it will behave as if it never happened.

The OpenAI product is not updated in real-time. Therefore, if requested, AI ​​will not be able to give information about the winner of the 2022 FIFA World Cup held in Qatar. The theme can also extend to the crypto space and the tumultuous events of the year 2022. Hence, ChatGPT does not know anything about the collapse of Terraform Labs or the FTX.

screenshot of ChatGPT's response to "who won the FIFA World Cup 2022" artificial intelligence (AI)
Source: ChatGPT discussion

Therefore, it is quite practical to let go of bad memories. And not just those related to sports, but also cryptocurrencies.

However, other chatbots can comment on recent events, even if ChatGPT can’t. This is particularly the case with ChatSonic, which pulls its information directly from search engines. Google Bard, one of the competitors to watch, will also update in real-time.

Unknown Topics for the Chatbot

Along with topics of current events that are unknown to ChatGPT, there are other topics as well that are not clear to the AI. The data that has been added to it is very dense, but AI may also not understand certain specialist or niche topics.

screenshot of ChatGPT response to "Which topics are unknown to ChatGPT" AI. Artificial intelligence
Source: ChatGPT discussion

Currently, users still have to be measured in requests to artificial intelligence. To wait for more specific answers, it is preferable to multiply the sources.

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