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Can Cardano Partner Chains Revolutionize Blockchain Launches?

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In Brief

  • Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano, introduced a new framework, Partner Chains, claiming revolution in the launch of blockchain.
  • Input Output Global's blockchain, Midnight, focusing on secure data, will be one of the first to utilize the Partner Chain framework.
  • Despite new technologies, data shows a decline in developer activities on Cardano, with a 13.7% drop in core developers, in the last 365 days.
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Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano blockchain, has introduced a new framework, Partner Chains, claiming it could revolutionize the launch and operation of new blockchains.

Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output Global (IOG), is considered one of the most visionary leaders in the Web3 realm.

Nevertheless, despite its potential, Cardano, as a blockchain, has yet to pique the interest of developers in the same way that some of its competitors, like Ethereum and Bitcoin, have successfully done.

Indeed, IOG, also known as Input Output Global, serves as the parent company of the Layer 1 blockchain, Cardano.

Cardano Partner Chains Will Use Polkadot Technology

According to an IOG blog, Hoskinson discussed a new framework allowing modular blockchain technology to utilize Cardano’s offerings. The blog explains:

“With partner chains, networks will have the power to build their own computation layer leveraging a modular framework and existing components, yet still leveraging the Cardano Settlement Layer for settlement across chains.”

IOG’s blockchain, Midnight, which focuses on safeguarding sensitive commercial and personal data, will become one of the first blockchains to utilize the Partner chain framework.

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Cardano’s parent company firmly believes that this framework has the potential to revolutionize the launch and operations of new blockchains. Recognizing this potential, IOG plans to utilize Polkadot’s Software Development Kit (SDK) – Substrate stack for Partner chains.

Even as Cardano is rolling out new technologies, interestingly enough, the data shows that developer activities have significantly declined in the last 365 days.

However, the screenshot below shows that the core developers have declined by 13.7% in the past 365 days, and eventually, the code commits have also declined by 26.1%. Token Terminal defines core developers as:

“Number of distinct GitHub users that made 1+ commits to the project’s public GitHub repositories during the past 30 days.”

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Cardano daily core developers and code commit.
Cardano daily core developers and code commit. Source: Token Terminal

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