Brave Websites and Browser Now Available on TOR

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In Brief
  • Privacy browser Brave has deepened its integration of TOR, making its websites available on the routing network.

  • This latest update joins a series of new features launched by Brave in 2020.

  • User growth and other metrics point to the healthy growth of the Brave Browser.

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The Brave team announced that its websites and browser are now accessible on TOR and that users can create their own onion service.



Popular privacy-focused browser Brave has made its websites available and browser downloadable on the Tor network on Oct 5, the team announced via a blog post.

Brave first integrated the routing service into the browser in 2018. With the newest update, Tor users will be able to download and install Brave, bringing the privacy-first browser to activists and journalists who use Tor to protect themselves.



The Brave browser hides user metadata, among many other privacy features, but remains inaccessible to those who have restricted internet access. With Brave available on TOR, users in countries with strong censorship laws can overcome said challenges.

Brave DevOps Engineer Ben Kero also described in detail the process by which users can set up their own onion service for themselves. This will help users gain secure access and establish a presence on the internet.

Brave Releasing a Slew of Features

The Brave browser has quickly become a favorite of the cryptocurrency community, as well as those outside it. The development team has narrowed its efforts to improve the privacy of the browser and more general features to bolster usability. The token showed strong performance in the markets in the weeks preceding, spurred by these releases.

Most recently, in August 2020, Brave added a Gemini exchange trading widget to its browser home page. In addition to Binance, which was the first such widget, this lets users trade cryptocurrencies via an exchange directly from their browser.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT), which is essentially the native currency for the browser, has also been integrated into various services for tipping, including Reddit and Vimeo. As work-from-home orders were beginning to increase during the pandemic, Brave added an in-browser video conferencing feature.

Metrics Speak for Themselves

Brave has been achieving consistent growth across multiple metrics, including its active user base. While nowhere near the market dominance of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, it has received praise from several prominent names, including Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger.

Brave Browser Daily Active Users

The browser’s growth continues from 2019, during which it became the most downloaded Android browser in Japan. More recent statistics also indicate optimism. The team announced that it had passed 15 million monthly users in June, with daily active users hitting 5.3 million.

Content creators on the browser have also increased in number, with over 925,000 publishers. In May 2019, this number was only 128,000.


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