Brave Browser Now Features a Gemini Trading Widget

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28 August 2020, 12:05 GMT+0000
Updated by Kyle Baird
28 August 2020, 12:05 GMT+0000
In Brief
  • The Brave browser has integrated a Gemini trading widget for desktop users.
  • The widget lets users easily buy and sell crypto and monitor account balances.
  • The news comes among a whirlwind of events and creeping dissatisfaction within the community.
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Brave users can now trade crypto and access their Gemini account balances directly from their desktop browser.
A Gemini blog post announced the new integration, “We are excited to announce that Gemini and Brave have partnered to make it easier for users to buy, sell, store, and earn crypto when using the Brave browser.” The Brave browser is popular for blocking unsolicited advertisements and rewarding users with a native token called Basic Attention Token (BAT) when they choose to view ads. Gemini is the brainchild of Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss and is one of the most-regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. As of Aug 27, Brave users can activate the official Gemini trading widget referred to as the “Gemini Card.”
Source: Brave

Brave Provides New Functionality

The Gemini card appears on the right-hand side of the screen and enables existing account holders to transact with any crypto assets listed by the exchange. It also serves as a monitoring function, letting users view account balances and deposit addresses. In addition, verified Brave content creators can store their assets in a Gemini Creator Wallet. Meaning that any BAT payments they receive can be sent to that wallet, which can also hold other assets that Gemini supports. The Gemini widget is the second of its kind. Back in April, Brave announced a similar deal with Binance. According to a Brave blog post, this integration is just one piece of a “broader partnership” with Gemini, with more announcements expected in the future. Brave BAT

A Rollercoaster of Events

This news comes on the back of an eventful few months for Brave. Since the beginning of the year, the browser’s usage has grown to over 15 million monthly active users. Brave has also recently announced an update on its decentralized ad platform, “THEMIS.” The price of Brave’s native  BAT token is up 35 percent over the last thirty days to boot. However, not all the news has been positive. Back in June, there was an uproar when it was discovered that Brave y profited from affiliate links that sent users to specific sites without telling them. Brendan Eich the CEO, and co-founder of Brave, apologized and promised that links would be fixed. There have also been more than a few examples of growing dissatisfaction within the Brave community over a variety of complaints. Whether these issues metastasize and stall the project’s growth remains to be seen. But one thing is clear, integrations like the Gemini widget are a signal that Brave is focused on increasing the attractiveness of its users’ experience.


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