Black Friday Crypto Deals Aplenty While Bitcoin is at a Discount

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In Brief
  • Bitcoin’s bull run bodes well for Black Friday shoppers.

  • Several platforms are offering tempting discounts.

  • Hodlers can choose to cash in on their holdings while the market is at a high.

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Bitcoin’s bull run has aligned perfectly with this year’s Black Friday. Holders have a plethora of deals that they can capitalize on.

2020 has been an extraordinary year for crypto, even by its wild standards. From the lows of March to the rapid rise of the past few months, the year has seen a great deal of excitement and activity. Setting aside price, we’ve also seen major developments like support from PayPal and further regulatory clarity.

Perhaps these developments have helped to give Bitcoin a push to near all-time high levels. Investors will be pleased to know that there is still time yet for the cryptocurrency market to appreciate further. Still licking its wounds from yesterday’s losses, BTC is showing resilience and determination to cross $20,000.

Historically, Bitcoin has done well in the last month of the year, and the increasing interest from institutional investors bodes well for the asset. Investment bank JPMorgan Chase noted that Q3 saw even more institutional funds flow in compared to Q2 2020. Investment activity so far has aligned with Tyler Winklevoss’ prediction of the arrival of a “tsunami of investors.”

The Bitcoin bull run has coincided nicely with this year’s Black Friday retail event, as multiple deals and bargains become available online. This is particularly useful for those looking for exchange deals to get some of the best prices.

Those who are becoming more serious about their cryptocurrency investments can also take a look at Black Friday deals for wallets. This can be especially helpful for hardware wallets, which are the best tools to store and protect funds.

Investors can also set aside some funds for cryptocurrency trading courses. This is a great way to learn how to get the most value out of the current Bitcoin bull run as well as the chance to learn a valuable skill at an affordable price.

But perhaps many cryptocurrency holders will just want a place to spend their Bitcoin. Several platforms are offering Black Friday shopping deals with Bitcoin support. With the asset as high as it is now, this may be the perfect time to cash in. These promotions range from technology services to payment cards and toys.

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