Bitcoin SV’s roadmap now requires a password to access it for reasons that are still unclear.

If you were interested to read Bitcon SV’s roadmap, you now officially can’t unless you have the key. The roadmap has been password-protected without any clear reason.

Lock It Up and Throw Away the Key

Bitcoin SV, the Bitcoin Cash fork created by self-proclaimed ‘Satoshi’ Craig Wright, recently had its halving event. Altogether, the event did little to boost the price. In the past two days, the hashrate for Bitcoin SV has plummeted. With declining rewards and diminishing prospects, miners simply aren’t interested and they’ve been hemorrhaging money trying to prop up BSV with lackluster returns for too long.

Amid all of this uncertainty, Bitcoin SV decided to shut down its roadmap from public view. If you go on the official Bitcoin SV site now, you will see that the roadmap is hidden via a password. Only those you have the key can access the roadmap now.

Bitcoin SV promises to be a public chain and advertises itself as a ‘truly decentralized’ version of Bitcoin. Yet, users cannot even see what its future plans are now—assuming its creators even had a long-term strategy to begin with.

BSV’s Long-Term Prospects

With the hashrate plummeting and no real long-term strategy, BSV finds itself in a serious bind. Although its flamboyant founder had often drawn attention to himself to boost BSV’s profile, that is now running out of steam. A year of lawsuits and controversies has left BSV with an exceptionally negative profile, even compared to other cryptocurrency projects prone to sensationalism like TRON (TRX).

The halving event was supposed to be the most important event for the BSV network, but it has passed with little attention. The market did not seem to respond much, if at all. With miners finding more profitable ventures elsewhere, BSV likely cannot be sustained by bluster and attention alone. Without access to roadmap, it’s unclear what there is to look forward to anymore. With a $3.3B market capitalization at the time of writing, there’s also much room to fall.