Bitcoin Cash Advocate Roger Ver Calls Veterans ‘Retired Hitmen’

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November 11 was Veterans Day, a federal holiday that is observed annually in the United States to honor the veterans that served in the United States Armed Forces. Bitcoin Cash advocate and former CEO Roger Ver took the time that day to redefine the meaning of “veteran.”

Although Veterans Day is designed to commemorate the brave soldiers and other military personnel that risked their lives to protect the United States during the first world war, there are some individuals that believe that these veterans should be remembered differently.

In a recent tweet, Roger Ver, a prominent supporter of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and previous CEO of, argues that the term veteran “is just a euphemism for a retired hit man,” while mockingly posting a picture indicating that this is a pill that is hard to swallow.

Understandably, Ver has received significant backlash following the tweet, with the vast majority of responses either trolling the multi-millionaire or questioning what Ver would do should we happen to end up in another world war.

Shortly after making the comment, Ver posted a follow-up tweet stating that “The Draft” is just a euphemism for kidnapping and slavery,” which received far less backlash.

This isn’t Roger Ver’s first taste of controversy — not by a long shot. Back in 2002, Ver was charged for illegally storing and selling explosives. More recently, he has become somewhat of a lightning rod for personal attacks thanks to his involvement with Bitcoin Cash.

For one, throughout much of his time as CEO of, Ver referred to Bitcoin Cash as the real Bitcoin, whereas the original Bitcoin was described as Bitcoin Core. Because of his sudden switch from advocating Bitcoin to hounding-on about Bitcoin Cash, Ver has been described as a damaging force in the cryptocurrency industry.

Likewise, this is not the first polarizing statement made by Ver to his more than half a million Twitter followers. Simply scrolling back through his recent tweets, it is clear that Ver has little to no filter when it comes to expressing his opinions —some of which have seen him sued (unsuccessfully) for libel.

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