Binance CEO Advocates for Blocking ‘Sucker’ Critics After Unexpected Exchange Outage

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Following an unexpected outage at leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, the CEO of the platform has taken to blocking anyone critical of the firm on Twitter. Changpeng Zhao said that blocking contrarian views to your own would result in a more prosperous and higher quality of life.



Earlier today, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange experienced unexpected outages. At around midday GMT, Changpeng Zhao, the platform’s CEO, tweeted that the system was down for “unscheduled” maintenance and trading was temporarily offline.

The cryptocurrency exchange experienced a lot of backlash for the sudden downtime. Some stated that the outages were actually planned by Binance itself:

Over the course of the day, Changpeng Zhao made various tweets attempting to update followers on the progress made towards resolving the issue. Eventually, the day’s criticism appears to have taken its toll on the Binance CEO.

In the following tweet, made prior to the exchange’s relaunch, he implies that the censoring of differing opinions will benefit individuals in both their financial and personal life:

Although Zhao received countless messages of support for the exchange’s efforts at transparency during the unexpected outage, the criticism didn’t let up even after the announcement that systems were coming back online. In response to various tweets he made throughout the day, Zhao faced numerous allegations of market manipulation. Many of those criticizing the exchange said the downtime, which as BeInCrypto recently reported is becoming more common at the trading venue, is engineered:

Now that Binance systems have been fully restored, Zhao appears to be making good on the block-happy rhetoric he expressed earlier. After thanking those that had supported the exchange over the trying few hours, the CEO essentially called all those disagreeing with him “suckers.”

Such a clear penchant for censorship seems at odds with the wider attitudes of the cryptocurrency industry. After all, Bitcoin, the phenomena that started it all, attracted many of its current proponents thanks to its ability to transfer value in a manner resistant to censorship and free of any trusted intermediary.

That said, the jury is still out on just how much decentralization means to Zhao. In a recent interview with BlockTV, the CEO said there were definitely advantages to a system of absolute centralization, such as that operated by the Chinese government.


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