Best of Crypto Twitter: March 2019

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Just like last month, we have gathered the weirdest and wildest tweets from Crypto Twitter for the month of March 2019. Hope you’re ready!

‘Short the Bankers,’ They Said

Don’t trust. Verify.


Some Useful Reminders

Put Bitcoin (BTC) in your Top 8.


Oh — now we get it!

Central Bank Magic

Fire up the printing press!

Shut up, Meg!

Dem Gainz, Though!

How crazy are cryptocurrency returns, really?


“We have lots of Twitter followers.”

April Fools’

Whose side are you on?

Bitcoin’s Got The Moves

The prize for the best video of the month is awarded to:

Try Again, CoinTelegraph


Wise Up!

You’re telling us there are scams in the cryptocurrency space?

Want more juicy tweets from Crypto Twitter? Besides the usual news coverage, we regularly retweet The Best of Crypto Twitter on our account — so make sure to follow us! See you next month for April’s selection! 

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Sane is heading social media marketing activities for BeInCrypto. After being graduated from the ESCP Europe Business School with a master in management, he has been in charge of leading marketing initiatives for tech companies like Gameloft and EyeEm. He has later jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon and is operating since 2017 as a blockchain marketing consultant.

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