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Base’s TVL Soars Past $4 Billion, Beating Out Arbitrum and Optimism Growth

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In Brief

  • Base, Coinbase's L2 project, surpasses $4 billion in total value locked, according to L2Beat data.
  • This growth outpaces older L2s, such as Arbitrum and Optimism, despite lacking a native token.
  • Base is seeing a boom in meme coins and attracting migrations from serious Web3 projects.
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Base, the Ethereum layer-2 (L2) project launched by the US-based crypto giant Coinbase, has vaulted past the $4 billion mark in total value locked (TVL). Data from L2Beat reveals that the project reached a TVL of $4.15 billion.

This impressive figure has allowed Base to surpass the growth of older L2 chains, including the popular Arbitrum (ARB).

Base Overtakes Arbitrum and Optimism in TVL Growth

Drawing on the latest data from L2Beat as of April 8, 2024, at 2:00 AM UTC, Base’s TVL consists of $2.69 billion in natively minted value, $3.69 million in externally bridged value, and $1.45 billion in canonically bridged value. Furthermore, this represents a nearly 14% growth in TVL over the past seven days alone.

While Arbitrum and Optimism (OP) remain the leading L2s in overall TVL, Base is making rapid gains. In the same seven-day period, Arbitrum and Optimism TVL only grew 4.91% and 8.28%, respectively — less significant growth than Base’s surge.

Base’s latest achievement also accounts for approximately 10% of the $41.03 billion combined TVL of all scaling projects.

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Cumulative TVL of All Scaling Projects
Cumulative TVL of All Scaling Projects. Source: L2Beat

This growth is particularly noteworthy considering that, unlike some of its competitors, Base does not have a native token.

In recent developments, Base has become a hotbed for meme coin activities, contributing to a surge in interest similar to that previously seen in the Solana ecosystem. Crypto analysts have identified several “Base meme coins” with promising market caps and potential for significant growth, including Normie (NORMIE), Briun Armstrung (BRIUN), bloo (BLOO), BaseProShops (BPS), and Brett (BRETT).

Furthermore, Base’s appeal extends beyond meme coin enthusiasts to serious project developers. Recently, Iskra, a Web3 gaming platform with roots in industry giants like Tencent and Netmarble, announced its migration to Base.

“Base is our best option … because of Coinbase product integration that makes it very easy for users to get on-chain, and Base’s established and trusted position in the industry,” the Iskra team wrote in their official statement.

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Despite its stellar growth, Base has had to navigate challenges, including the proliferation of scam tokens. Solidus Labs reported that over 500 scam tokens emerged on Base shortly after its mainnet launch, generating roughly $3.7 million in trading volume.

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