B2BinPay Releases New Update: Merchant Limits and Expanding Payment Capabilities

3 mins
18 November 2022, 18:30 GMT+0000
Updated by Petar Jovanovic
22 November 2022, 11:39 GMT+0000

The B2Broker crypto payment processor B2BinPay, which is the company’s flagship product, has recently announced the release of a new update for Merchant Invoice Limits. 

From now on, clients using “Merchant” type accounts will have even more freedom and convenience by allowing them to send invoices for particular amounts. The company’s website states that customers may already utilize this new service and that it is easily accessible.

Furthermore, B2BinPay has extended Cardano integration for its Enterprise clients. With this upgrade, B2BinPay continued to give its customers different options, a better payment experience, and even more management over their expenses.

Merchant Invoice Limits

Merchants may now generate invoices in their wallet’s primary currency, such as Euro, US dollar, USDT, USDC, or Bitcoin. For the comfort of the consumer, B2BinPay will also calculate the same quantity in any other wallet currency that the merchant has access to. As a result, businesses may now take payments in a variety of currencies, offering customers additional choices and security.

The user is then routed to the payment page, where users may input their payment information, check their order, and finish the payment.

Due to the volatile nature that accompanies cryptocurrencies, B2BinPay has decided to put in place a mechanism that fixes and calculates the price level every 15 minutes. 

Therefore, you can be sure you are obtaining the most competitive prices. You can always calculate the value manually, and the 15-minute countdown will start over again. That said, there is no need to worry about market changes once you’re in the purchase process.

Furthermore, merchants may specify a maximum duration for the invoice’s operational service. The previously indicated 15-minute reconfiguration of the rate of exchange is different from the period during which the newly produced invoice is active. 

The invoice can be configured by the merchant to expire after seven days or with no termination date at all.

Additionally, new categories for invoicing are now accessible, greatly enhancing your ability to manage your payments. Currently, each invoice may be in one of the following statuses:

  1. Invoice (created)
  2. Paid
  3. Canceled
  4. Unresolved.

What’s more, merchants can also select a so-called “Delta amount,” or limit levels, on the amount due to compensating for the fluctuation of cryptocurrencies. An invoice for $100, for instance, can include a $10 Delta specified by the vendor. 

This indicates that as long as the consumer pays between $90 to $110 inclusively, the payment will be declared as fulfilled. The invoice is settled and completed if the statement states “Paid in Full” and the buyer makes a payment thanks to the Delta range.

Support for Cardano (ADA)

Moreover, B2BinPay has announced additional support for one of the most popular coins in the business – Cardano (ADA), which is now available for all Enterprise customers. Cardano is a blockchain platform that gives companies the ability to create and use decentralized apps and is supported by the cryptocurrency ADA. B2BinPay’s most recent version now enables Enterprise clients to receive ADA deposits.

Bottom Line

New improvements in the most recent B2BinPay release give merchants enhanced convenience together with robust security. B2BinPay is currently one of the best and most eye-catching products in the business, particularly thanks to its ability to put limitations to invoicing and delta amounts as a precaution from market turmoil. 

The inclusion of the Cardano network in the company’s product demonstrates B2BinPay’s ongoing commitment to delivering the best payment options possible for its clients. Thus, B2BinPay is ideal if you’re seeking a simple and secure way to work with digital assets. 

Future improvements will undoubtedly come because they are always actively looking for methods to provide their customers with a cutting-edge advantage.


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