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Anonymous Bitcoin ATMs: offers free withdrawals

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Bitcoin ATMs have gained significant popularity in recent years, offering a convenient way to buy and exchange cryptocurrencies for cash.

Despite this industry being known for high fees and low privacy, there are… exceptions! One of them is, a rebellious company with over 200 anonymous Bitcoin ATMs, which also opened its first few devices in Brazil this August.

It is a prime example of a network that values the right for individual privacy. This operator has long stood out with low or even zero fees compared to exchanges. This article explains why is currently seen as a cyberpunk outsider, breaking the mold with 0% fees and customer privacy.

The success of across three continents is a testament that the blockchain revolution was sparked by the desire to oppose centralized order, not conform to the corporate façade. Nothing proves this better than the company’s name or the rugs at the company’s 200 locations (seen on the photo below).

0% fee at anonymous Bitcoin ATMs

In the current digital era, our data is constantly collected, processed, and sold. However, Shitcoins Club strongly advocates for privacy rights. Without the need to register an account, use an application, verify a phone, integrate a bank account, or agree to marketing permissions, this offer from is a breath of fresh air. 

Still, it is not the main reason why these ATMs in particular were chosen by the community as the most popular.

Studies have shown that the average commission charged by most operators is usually high, ranging from 8% to 15%. However, the Polish company disrupts this trend, offering lower commissions, averaging from 2% to 4%. It is often 0%, and sometimes… you can even get a bonus value compared to exchanges!

The rebellious network even offers an additional +3% value during special events. Keep up with these unusual offers by following the operator’s profiles on social media. There, you can also sometimes find posts with codes for crypto – from the ATM.

Anonymous Bitcoin ATMs with no commission

Interestingly, does not require you to provide a phone number, bank account details, or even an email address. All you need is a cryptocurrency wallet. There’s no need to download any apps or create accounts. This fact was documented, for example, in a recent CNBC report, where a Bitcoin ATM helped a refugee from Ukraine when her native banks failed her after the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

With the use of an ATM, and assistance from cryptocurrency experts from CNBC, Alena Voroviova received a small amount of Bitcoins from American journalists and exchanged them for cash within a few minutes. If not for the report, the whole transaction would have been anonymous.

Indeed, all the Alena needed to do was to download any cryptocurrency wallet, scan the QR code, and… that’s it. The ATM starts throwing banknotes at you.

How to buy Bitcoin at anonymous Bitcoin ATM

Using a ATM is quite simple. Interested parties only need a cryptocurrency wallet and cash to invest. Purchasing cryptocurrency involves finding the nearest ATM using the largest aggregator of anonymous Bitcoin ATMs, the operator’s site or CoinATMradar website. There are also local ATM aggregators, e.g., Bitomaty Warsaw or Cajeros Bitcoin Barcelona. The links on the sites will eventually lead you to the exact GoogleMaps spots.

How to buy at anonymous Bitcoin ATM

After getting there, just select the “buy” option, insert cash, select the desired cryptocurrency (of which there are several to choose from), scan the QR code of your wallet, and confirm the transaction.

How to sell at anonymous Bitcoin ATMs

The sale of cryptocurrencies is similar. Users scan the QR code of their chosen wallet, and then receive cash from the device. Really, it’s just that. And in case of problems, anonymous support can be accessed through Telegram.

Limits of anonymity at Bitcoin ATMs

Anonymity limits in Europe reach up to 99999999 EUR, depending on the country. Bitcoin ATMs offer anonymity as long as the transaction amounts fit within the legally defined limits. Without scanning the ID, users can make transactions up to €1000 per day in most European countries (e.g., Spain).

In some European countries, this limit can reach up to €15000 (e.g., Poland), and in others, it is set at €99999999 (Bosnia). In Brazil, anything above $2000 will require proof of identity. Amounts below may require mail address, name, CPF and a phone number.

The details about limits in other countries can be learned from thousands of other ATM users active at social media (especially Telegram and Twitter where giveaways for Bitcoin ATM codes take place). They are also shown on the front page.

Safety and guarantee

Due to regular events, discounts, news and giveaways, the ATM network has indeed developed and active social media. It is possible to write to several random clients active in the groups to find out what they think about the services of the rebellious company. It’s worth sticking around in case of cryptocurrency giveaways from the ATM, discounts, news, alerts about new ATMs and more.

Interestingly, some ATMs are closed from the inside. This allows users to complete transactions calmly and safely.

Below you will find examples of locations in Warsaw and Brazil. If you would like to see all 220 locations on a map and find ATMs in your city, visit site.

Anonymous Bitcoin ATMs in Warsaw

  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at Circle K Stacja Paliw ul. Modlińska 144 (Address: ul. Modlińska 144, 03-186 Warsaw)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at Circle K Stacja Paliw Połczyńska 30 (Address: Połczyńska 30, 01-337 Warsaw)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at Circle K Stacja Paliw aleja Jana Rodowicza „Anody” 6 (Address: aleja Jana Rodowicza „Anody” 6, 02-787 Warsaw)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at Circle K Stacja Paliw Grochowska 19 (Address: Grochowska 19, 04-186 Warsaw)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at Circle K Stacja Paliw Puławska 274 (Address: Puławska 274, 02-819 Warsaw)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at al. Niepodległości 208/1 (Address: al. Niepodległości 208/1, 00-608 Warsaw)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at Płocka 39 (Address: Płocka 39, 01-231 Warsaw)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at Marki M1 (Address: Józefa Piłsudskiego 1, 05-270 Marki)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at Circle K stacja paliw Radzymińska 96 (Address: Radzymińska 96, 03-574 Warsaw)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at Galeria Grochów (Address: Kobielska 23, 04-359 Warsaw)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at Marymoncka 57 (Address: Marymoncka 57, 01-802 Warsaw)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at Marszałkowska Przejście podziemne (Address: Marszałkowska – Złota Lok. nr 9, 00-110 Warsaw)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at ul. Sołtana 1 (Address: ul. Sołtana 1, 01-494 Warsaw)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at Circle K stacja paliw al. Jerozolimskie 228 (Address: al. Jerozolimskie 228, 02-495 Warsaw)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Warsaw at Europlex (Address: Puławska 17, 02-515 Warsaw)

Anonymous Bitcoin ATMs in Brazil

  • Bitcoin ATM in Rio de Janeiro at Shopping Patio Petrópolis RJ (Address: R. Mal. Deodoro, 153 – Centro, Petrópolis – RJ, 25620-150, Brazil)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Rio de Janeiro at Shopping Plaza Niteroi RJ (Address: Rua Quinze de Novembro, 8 – Centro, Niterói – RJ, 24020-125, Brazil)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Rio de Janeiro at Norte Shopping RJ (Address: Av. Dom Hélder Câmara, 5474 – Cachambi, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20771-004, Brazil)
  • Bitcoin ATM in Rio de Janeiro at Via Parque Shopping RJ (Address: Av. Ayrton Senna, 3000 – Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22775-904, Brazil)
  • Bitcoin ATM in São Paulo at Mocca Shopping SP (Address: R. Cap. Pacheco e Chaves, 313 – Vila Prudente, São Paulo – SP, 03126-000, Brazil)
  • Bitcoin ATM in São Paulo at São Bernardo Shopping (Address: Av. Rotary, 624 – Centro, São Bernardo do Campo – SP, 09721-000, Brazil)
  • Bitcoin ATM in São Paulo at Shopping Metrô Boulevard Tatuapé (Address: R. Gonçalves Crespo, 78 – Tatuapé, São Paulo – SP, 03066-030, Brazil)
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